Let's start off an introduction topic

Most of you know who I am… but I figured I’d start off the introduction thread. Or at least make the first post so new people don’t think this category is just unused, but just brand new.

I am Michael. I’m from 87. I am married since 2013 and have 2 small kids. I’m a software designer by day and maker by night. I’m a trained Chef but that wasn’t my cup of tea. Im also a blacksmith, but that’s just an artistic expression.

I guess everything I like to do can be described by a single sentence… I like to make stuff.

Whether it’s art, functional stuff or anything else…

In 2015 or so I bought a 3d printer. Thst has turned onto 4 printers and this is now an integral part of my hobby life.

I started collecting warhammer in early 2000. Started collecting warriors of chaos with the Archaons siege army box. After WOC I got beastmen, daemons and skaven.

Then in 2008 or so I sold it all to be able to go on a tour with the band i was in. I’ve played bass guitar for a decade, but got sick of it and haven’t looked back.

In 2012 I missed the hobby too much and started collecting Lizardman. Being used lots lead me to collect skaven again. Then beastmen, warriorsmof chaos, daemons again, chaos dwarfs and now ogre kingdoms.

In 2020 I joined this forum and it has truly become a second home.

I was welcomed by everyone and have gotten very active in the community.

These days I have a significant, fully painted chaos dwarf army that’s evergrowing and that’s largely due to this awsome place and the evil stunting that dwell within it.

That’s about it… in a nutshell! I’m usually pretty relaxed, so feel free to get to know me on discord or here.

My DM is always open :wink:


Love you Michael :sparkling_heart:

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You missed out that you’re an absolute sweetheart


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Oh heeeeeeell yeah, CDO meetup just got that much better :drooling_face:

Haha, trained… not practicing :relaxed:

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What better way of practice than a bunch of hungry warmongers? Treat us like your personal guinea pigs for rekindling a long-lost skill :batg0: :spoon:

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