Loidrial 3d bullshit sculpts

Hey guys, you already saw the stupid things i’m having fun with on Discord.
so i thought i could collect those files in a folder and share them with you lot, since some of you might find them useful or find them just too dumb to say “no, i’ll pass”


Things for you guys are ofc free, but I’m considering to try and sell them in the future, so please keep those link/files for ourself here in the community (this part idk, seems strange to me too, but still, better safe than sorry!)
So far in the folder there are the following items:

ofc some are just sketches while others are more elaborated items
and here’s the link that noone asked for!


:lammasu1: Ciao! :pizza: :hat8:


i wanna thank all who took part today in the 1st interactive sculpting session on discord!
@Bessron @Reaver @KhamdrimSkyMaster @Stumpy
:lol3: again, i’ have no title for do such thing, i’m learning on the go while you guys were giving me hints on what to do!

This handsome fella is what took place live!
one person choose the beard style, one the hairs, one the eyebrows and one more the scar
i added few more details later on, but this is what the community decided to create tonight xD

So thank you guys for the opportunity to excercise while having even more fun!

bonus pic, an orc head i mocked yesterday night and finished this morning.

If yoy guys will like to, i could convert those into 3d files and add them in my google drive for you to print


You undeniably have a real talent for this Eddy. It was fun to watch!


Eddy, hai fatto un lavoro FENOMENALE!

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oh man this could be big! Your skill with rendering could really revolutionize the space Eddy. Youve got some serious talent

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As we went live this past weekend on discord once again, this is what we collectively came up with!
I will upload the files later today, it isn’t completed yet, but I think it’s a decent bust already.
Working with pure shapes in zBrush seems a bit complex as (for what I understood so far) it’s more focussed on organic feeling, more than classic 3d structure that you might see on autocad for example.

Anyway this is the pic!


uploaded the latest work! :hatoff:
New CD Royal bust with square base and without!
also the 2 heads previously sculpted, the Kislev one and the DnD looking Orc!

It’s all in the link in the main post


Ok I printed them, there are equal mistakes in different prints so I have to fix the 3d model first.

EDIT: updated the models and hosted online, name is CD BUST 2.1


Dude everytime I come here you have leveled up


Congratulations dude you’ve really excelled at this


i gave it a go, now looks like this, in case someone would like to see some proper pics xD


Now we need a whole sculpt. Arms, legs, the whole nine!


9 legs? That’s seems a lot! Novectopus!
For now I’m happy with this sort of chess piece tho xD there is a static pleasure in busts, will figure out how to make it less still when transposed into a full figure!

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Those busts you make are pretty awesome, and fit the theme of old sorcerers turning to stone. Gotta love em!

Not to mention dwarven architecture is loaded with statues of dwarves larger than live all over! holding up ceilings, faces coming out of walls, on plinths overlooking courtyards…the uses for your busts are endless and timeless

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Oh shit man, only just found this thread, those dwarf face sculpts are unbelievable! Bottom right one in the first post looks pretty familiar :smile:


Some handsome fella id like to know for sure!


Ciao guys! the master of Off topic is here once more!
because @LaketideMiniatures asked if i could give a heads up on a helmet he was trying to make, i hopped on discord and spent good 2/3 hours with @Zoddtheimmortal doodling around on Zbrush, and this is what happened

now there is a small group of helmets to add to your collection for any purpose you wish!
if you print them out let me know xD im curious as well



Oh my looord thanks for your time :heart:

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Don’t sweat it, it was a fun little thing to do together with other users!

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Well i did print them, around 6mm 6.5mm width. Maybe they need to be 7.5mm width. The deeper cut ones came out the best. I probably broke the crown one washing or something…
I put a cw one in for scale
The real test is when i paint them!


Hahahaha yes xD looks neat for what I can grasp of it.
Thicker crown, got it!