Loidrial Fails at [BATG 2023]

I mean, february is almost over, yet this year due to surgery I havent been able to paint a single model yet.
so because of this i’ll track now everything i print/buy for myself and what i buy in general.
i hope this will help me if not painting more, to print/buy less
:batg0: the wooden spoon is mine



JAN bought/print 0 models - painted 0 models

FEB bought/print 14 models - painted 0 models

  • 4 Chaos Dwarf Renegade
  • 3 Admirality models (statue, mother, hob assassin)
  • 1 metal necromancer
  • 6 metal empire troops (2 2h weapon, 4 gunners)

MAR bought/print 9 models - painted 2 models

  • 3 CD Renegades
  • 1 Missing Cadwallon Militia
  • 3 extra gifted models, present by Danelian
  • 2 extra gifted models, present by Alex
  • Painted 4 Cadwallon Militia

APR bought/print 1 models - painted 1 models

  • 1 CD Renegade
  • Painted 1 Cadwallon Militia

Calling staff. Roboloidrial the hackbot is back in Eddy’s account causing mischief again! Sound the bells, doot the horns, run in circles, knock on the shed door.

:shed: :postal_horn:


Wtf is this madness again? Who made this nonsense post?!?
Angry Porco Dio at the horizon


I painted my 1st mod, and now the 2nd is on the way


I also get 3 chaos dwarf renegades, 1 cadwallon militia that was missing from the Box due packaging error 15ish years ago and 3 nice surprises from @denelian5


Total +20 (I’ll never be able to paint so many models in 1 year)


Finally i completed the second model of the militia


3rd militia down, -1 again!

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4th militia, another -1


I’ll close the month with a little extra +2
A damn fenomenal and amazing present from my pal Alex at https://www.instagram.com/oriental_heroes/ (you guys should defenetly check him out)

His great hand made sculpt (then cast) of a traditional japanese Kashima-sama

and this unbelievable Chaos Knight Marauder, i’m damn speechless

I couldnt be more excited and speechless due to such kindness and surprise.
Man, Alex is one hell of a guy


another militia one done!
5/6 completed!

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As I was saying, I give up. I painted something like less than 10 models and accidentally, due to friends (and foes as well) piled up something like 25ish models.
Turn off the light I deserve nothing but shame.
My own version is: Battle against “Battle again the Gray”


You still have 4 months and some change!

You’ve got to stay in it… if you’re going to fail, fail epically and go for the honour of the Highest score in BATG2023 … although by the look of things Pyroven and Jasko are going to give you a run for your money on this one too… nothing like healthy competition right??~!? :wink:

And remember BATG2023 is just one race. This is a life-long marathon. The one with the most toys when he dies wins!!!


I accidentally piled up 20+ more models due to kev adams CDs.
Batg is a race and in the racist! No, wait. How did that sentence go? XD

Il probably over 30/40 models, can’t even keep up with what I paint xD it’s just pure pain for me ahhauaha never again


AH. i didnt count it up in the end.
but i failed terribly lol something like 40/50 models over the 0