Loidrial offtopic pile of stuff

Detail of the chariot living the place

And how small it actually is


Been testing out new schemes and a different approach while painting different areas
Basic colours plus highlights in 2 stages, then using aimed washes i darken the model
Mix purple and brown or purple and olive green makes up a great shade for skin!
Praise Gilgamesh this time!


My random life took me to take part at a painting class
Today the 1st of 2 days went by and this is what I’m working on

We all had the same models and total freedom. My initial plan was something totally different, but now this took form!

WIP pics

Photo for light reflection reference


Today the class ended and I went to cleaning and refine the majority of the torso and the head
Working with only 3 colours is Very interesting and something I seriously never did before


What were the 3 colours?

I think you have levelled up your painting another level…git!


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Maybe here you can see it better
Main colour is deep blue sea then mixed with ice yellow for all the highlights
The 3rd colour was magenta for shades (mixed with deep blue obviously)
Also black and white for some saturation change

So yeah, for be monochrome, there are a lot of colours hauauahau


I just finished the second bust from Abyssoul, he gave me this for free as it had some minor issues xD


So cool. I’ve often thought about using these as the basis for some Bull Centaur Renders. I might have to give that a go. :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

Been doing so many things hobby related, and here is a WIP attempt to some udnerpainted bust i got for free last year in modena (i have no idea who made this bust)
this is my 1st attempt ever to underpaint and i can already see that i’m overdoing it ahuhauhuaua

this is the base

and this is what i have so far