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Hey guys! I’m finally back home!
after being away from the old forum, this italian dumbass is back with more of his stupid ideas and results!
I lost in time all the pics I had of my army, especially when the site we all used to upload pics on the old forum became premium overnight.

So here are my 2 drawings I made last few weeks.

I havent paint many CD recently, but i’m working on a Oglah Khan unit, will post more asap!


These are badasss! Make sure you get involved in the new artisans contest. I reckon you’d create something amazing.


Yep, I’m looking forward to this thread! :grin:

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Yes! This is exactly why i had to make a new account here xD
I literally just finished the pic XD
was working on it for few days because i’m slow as hell (after all dwarves have short legs)

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Amazing work cool to see!

Absolutely wonderful artworks! Excellent style, shading and colourwork. Lovely designs to boot! I’m especially a fan of the Mesopotamian touches in the details.

Your old pictures were indeed lost. I’ve checked the 2017 image salvage folders; all that remain are your gold winning Blood Bowl team:


Welcome back, and here’s to a glorious return: Cheers!

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Welcome back! Thats some kick ass drawings… :slight_smile:

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Digging these a lot!

wooohoooo!! hauhauhau look at those fellas!!
I mean, i still have them here in my box with all the BB teams, but it’s amazing to see they survived here aswell!

I will make some new pics, i promise! (i might as well fix them too, it has been…5 years?)

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Small Update, because in this period thigs are going quite badly here in Milan, i’m generally not in mood for painting (also it gets dark at 4.30pm here lol) so i’m drawing a lot recently
Yesterday I came up with the idea of making 4 CDs devoted to the other 4 Chaos Gods, all of them starting from the same sketch:

After couple of hours I ended up with the Nurgle one completed (like work speaking)

I’m a slow painter, and guess what! I’m a slow drawer.
No, wait, drawer is the thing you put clothes into.
What’s called THE ONE WHO DRAWS? Lets go with painter once more, but you understand what i meant.

Ciao belli!


Awesome stuff! I’m looking forward to seeing all four of those heretical not-Hashut-worshipping dwarfs :stuck_out_tongue: The Nurgle one already looks very nice!

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Just use ‘artist’ - covers both painting and drawing. :wink:


For my sake of being an idiot, guys, how the hell does Shaanesh works?!

I’m trying to sketch this, I have no idea what i’m doing hahauhuahua but might be something that makes sense…?
I’m trying to rapresent the beard as some Organ pipes due to the noise marines (but maybe i should drop the claws and give him a Noise Blunderbuss?)


You could make the beard be more like…ahem…phallic organs…instead of sonic pipes.

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Amazing work so far, I’d be tempted to go Davey Jones and make them more like tentacles. Also love the idea of a noise Blunderbuss, well worth dropping a claw for maybe?


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And i call the fat one done!


@Lord_of_Uzkulak well, guess you were right xD


Only one suggestion I’d make - give him a pet nurgling wearing a mini big hat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really cool art just waiting to see this becomming a sculpt One Day! :muscle::+1:


@Loidrial incredible job again, that moustache is disgusting and the nurgling is great!!


Hey guys! in those days I’m barely sketching nor painting anything CD related
few weeks ago, i posted on the FB CDO page too, i made this weird Chaos Dwarf Chariot made of bottle caps and some cardboard (later i discovered that it is a no go material used that way)

So i wanted to show it here for people who might have missed my horrendous masterpiece!
WIP and size comparison

Final Result

Accidentally and loosely inspired by one of the most common veichles in souther italy, but generally small town and farm areas, the amazing APE CAR! (bee car, wich works as a scooter, but whatever)

Ciao belli!