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Nice model, but it still looks a bit too “smooth” (I don’t know how to describe it better) and some CD-Bitz are still missing. :wink:


yep i know, this is my 1st build ever so i was just having fun experimenting with random stuff.
i learned a lot from just building it and again, i had a lot of fun (fuck cardboard tho)


Guys, you know i’m stupid and i love to waste my time with mindless crap instead of doing what i’m supposed to xD
I quickly made those small Chaos Dwarf PNG/Gif

ChaosPixel_0001_Layer-3-copy ChaosPixel_0000_Layer-3-copy-2


Do whatever you want/feel with this thing xD

Ciao belli!


Oh well guys, it’s a quick sketch, but merry whatever you are into!


I mean, I made those as christmans preset for my friends, but shit happened and I didnt feel like doing much at all.
I just finished building them and now i will work on the bases.
This is for saying, that with 2 sets of Dice you can get out with a somewhat decent “D&D” Dice golem, and with the right colors it could even look like Kdaii fireborn

the 2 external one in particular

those are the first 3 of the entire batch of 10 golems, here i was experimenting with the poses and pieces (always left out 1d12 and 1d20 of the composition)

and for the remaining 7 i figured out a good composition, using all the dice in the set.
some have pummels hands for crushing, others have piramid hands shooting lasers (i imagined)

I know, I do a lot of stupid stuff

Ciao belli!


Have you considered gluing the leftover dice to a short pen/pencil to make maces for the dice golems? :wink:


what’s left are some d20 and d12, with those round shapes i cant do much on top of my head.
i will probably give them to the unlucky 3 friends that wil ldraw the short stick xD
something like “here, take it, i fucked it up because i cannot plan ahead”

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it is kinda a self offtopic, but i still think someone could make some proper kdai out of them so i wanna put some better pics of my golems xD


Let me continue on this, it really felt unconfortable for me to draw this thing. Slaanesh is surely my fartest chaotic side

I made few weeks ago this version too, but in the end it got edited into what i’m doing now

the “dick beard” was too much for me tbh
Now i’m working on those lines, but after some edits, this is the version im most happy about

I tried to incorporate those fancy classic french wigs that fits slaanesh too, but with a chaos dwarf big hat note


Could always go for some sort of spikey bondage gear and/or gimp mask :13: or a phantom of the opera kinda mask?

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oh god no, this is why i really felt unconfortable drawing it xD
the phantom of the oprea mask on the other hand (claw) it isnt a bad idea, but that would mean redo the entire face, and i’m quite fond of this goat look i got xD

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I’m happy to hear that my emissary reached sweden to @badmoongrin ll safe and sound!
this is not my usual CD color scheme, mine are with gray skin and blue beards, but i thought a more standard look would have been generally more appreciated!
Go make pizza in the frozen wastes my man


I too am not a fan of Slaanesh and it’s sounds like for all the same reasons as you :joy:
still a great job on the Chaos Dwarf version…second one gets my vote :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:

I really like everyone’s Secret Santa gifts, fair play you guys all did a great job, bet it was also a bit of fun to switch up the usual way you paint and change the skin etc


i totally agree, as i already said, Fuck Slaanesh, but not in THAT way 20
it has been many years sice i painted a classic color scheme on a big hat, i think the last time it was when i made my blood bowl team for an old Golden Hat xD

recently i became bit more experienced in painting humanoid skin so i wanted to give it a go on them as well.

and much appreciate the support on those conversions xD i really have to finish the slaanesh drawing this weekend!


As a Quick update on the stuff going on, i dont really know why, but today i bought from a Dutch guy the 3rd edition Chaos dwarf mortar and swivel.
I do not even own any pre big hat CDs xD

Well i guess now i do! :cd1980:


Time to swith alligence to helm dudes. A new power is rising! Haha

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huahuahua no xD never! i liked those minis mostly because are single units. warmachine just with 2 dudes and that’s it.
reason why i will buy the one sculpted by Fuggit Khan on Admiral site one day.
Now, thinking about it, i might try to do some painting/drawing of boar centaurs, they were pretty cool too


We’ll see after you paint them. 3rd edition style are highly infectious…
Please do some boar centaur drawings, hopefully someone will sculpt and cast some. I reckon its the unholy grail of 3rd ed chaos dwarves (desperately needed).

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Would love to see that artwork

I always loved those 3rd edition minis, the Marauder range are just mini versions of the Chaos Warrior minis of the time but luckily enough that was a range the was full of character and looked even better when you shrunk them down to Dwarf size. Lots of love for helms can’t wait to see them painted


Great artwork and miniature painting, @Loidrial !

@GhraskDragh : Of course. Everything is better once short, fat, bearded and angry! :cd1991gif: