Lord Aldades faces the Medusa: BATG 2024

Some more Underworlds has been finished, and only about 7 years after their release, Graddaddy Aggro and his Boys are ready to do some slaughtering.

The good thing about a challenge like this, it motivates to dig really deep into the pile of gray (or in this case, red) plastics…


Nice initiative getting these off the pile. The painted bases fit the board nicely! I have these buried… somewhere… unpainted…

As Underworlds is like the only game I am actually playing at the moment, I kind of like how with the limited paint time I have the past months, progress gets seen with any hour put in.

Guess that’s the benefit of small band games, and for some reason I actually seem to get the game to a decent level, even taking the trophy at lasts weeks GW store event:


Talking Underworlds, as my order arrived, that’s another two warbands to be added to the grey pile…

I really will have to up it a notch for the challenge lol


This is all so great! Really enjoy seeing the progress (and acquisitions). Keep it coming :wink:

Painting goes well (“long live” I guess days off from work + rain all day), as it’s time for some electric boogaloo with The Exiled Dead joining the warband collection.

And that means some slight compensation in the numbers for the challenge with the earlier acquisitions.

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Let’s celebrate having something painted with adding something new to the pile.

I just couldn’t pass this one up, especially as he comes with rules and cards for Underworlds (included with issue 500). Having played him last sunday, this is one fun casual game!


Closing of the month, on the very last day, I managed to complete yet another warband for Underworlds. The brand new, I only received them last week, cooking class called the Skinnerkin are ready for some havoc, and I will be taking them out to play hopefully as soon as this week.

And at least that takes me to break-even for this month in the numbers…

With no orders running currently, june might actually see the start of putting down some of those numbers and work away gray mountain in earnest… though one never knows what might come along in opportunities for more fixes to the plastic addiction…

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Not really a figure, but as it needs painting, I’m counting it.

I collected the printed participation tokens for the Underworlds tournament I’m hosting the 16th, so of course before that one of these needs to get a paintjob to show off, now does it not :wink:

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And a dedicated session later, the token is actually ready


Well, as this year’s BATG shows, I have been putting a lot of effort into Underworlds, and yesterday I organised the first ever event of the game in our clubhouse.

A small but none the less fun affair, and here is a little write up of the whole shaboozle

And here it is, the full event coverage for Into the Under-Ekeren I, the first Warhammer Underworlds tournament ran at the Tin Soldiers Of Antwerp