Lord Krarqokatal's faithful [2022-03-21] Big Bird (Titan Forge Amazon mount)

Hey all,

I realized I have only shown you my chaos dwarfs. I decided to correct that by photobombing you with my lizardmen army!


Bombed! Seen these on your instagram. Excellent stuff. Lizardmen are such a great opportunity for colors! Really liking the colors on the terradons


Wow what a stunning collection, looking great on the square goblin green too

My 7year old son absolutely loves Lizardmen, I’ll be painting an army of these one day myself unless he beats me to it :grin:

Great job on one of our favourite armies @MichaelX :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


Thank you @GhraskDragh ! High praise indeed!

Who doesn’t like dinosaurus :slight_smile:

I have 2 more units to paint and I’ll be “done”. At least until start printing the LKM stuff I have to fill some gaps!

340 painted models so far!


Amazing stuff. I bet they look incredible en-masse.

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340! :scream:

Much much kudos

This is the lot @GhraskDragh


Yeah, don’t fancy seeing that lot charging toward me!


What a fantastic collection that is

I see the big guy in the middle, everything else looks to be GW, how many Lost Kingdom files have you got?


That I’d like to print? A few big monsters and maybe a unit of two.

If you are asking what I have regardless if I’d add it… we’ll everything they released on patreon since April 2020.

Now… there is a good chance… if I’m a bit furter along with my huge painting backlog… that I add much more. I can probably print what you see there again in LKM’s style. And I also have the lizardmen from raven twin to add to that.

But first I’ll be making a dent in my skaven… that’ll be a 440 model horde if u restrain from getting more.


I thought you may have it all, I was daring to think you may have all this doubled with your love for 3d printing one day :cd1991gif:

It’s a great army dude, again :clap:t2:


Looks good. Did you use greenstuff over spues to make the platform?

That beast with a smaller gun would look good with chaos dwarf crew on too. Low tech iron daemon :cd1980:

It’s polymer clay that you need to bake over a metal wire mesh. little mesh, lots of clay.

Lol i deleted post because i was looking at the ogre but somehow replied in the lizard man one…

ha… didnt notice… i got a popup and hit reply :smiley: Shall we delete these posts too?

Its all your stuff thankfully

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Wow that is a cool looking Lizardmen army!

I got a heap of Lizards for my wife many, many years ago… mostly already painted thank Kroak.
She played with them once, I went easy on her of course and lost the battle… she retired a winner :angry:

And you have Skaven as well!!?? I must ask now, what army do you not have? We are too much alike lol
I got a horde of Skaven and mostly grey but due to the rodent plague in western NSW at them moment I can barely bring myself to look at them, little bastards lol
Have had some great moments with Skaven in the past…
The mate I purchased them off sold them to me because they were too unreliable which he proved the day he handed them over by having one last game with them… both his warp lightning cannons exploded 1st turn of the match and it was downhill from there, losing to my Dawi in a decisive victory.
Then with the games I have had with them they have done very well… faced a mates Empire and it was pretty even until the bottom of the last turn which was mine, I cast skitterleap with Thanqual which he did nothing about… I leaped him directly infront of his Empire general and then pulled out his bag of warp tokens he had been saving all game and ate the lot! Got an irresistible force cast on Warp Lightning and turned his general to ASHES!! LOL
After that he wanted a re-match with his WoodElves… My warp lightning canon splintered his Treeman with 1 shot on my first turn. Later he foolishly got his wardancers into combat with my MASSIVE pack of slaves, which he gloated about thrashing in combat but when they fled and 40+ rats bit and tore at the wardancers as they fled there was nothing but bones left after haha!! After that his Treekin learnt how nasty it is to get charged by a plague furnace and hellpit in the same turn… the game was called early lol

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Thank you! I love my lizardmen a lot!

Haha yeah, skaven are great for that very reason. To me they just stand out due to their treachery and selfish ways. I’ve heard about that rodent plague… seems grim…

15 or so years ago I had a large 6th ed chaos army, when daemons, beastmen and warriors could still be mixed freely. That planted the seed for my chaod dwarf army (the hellcannon crew).

When tha chaos army was painted I started a skaven army, mostly second hand stuff and barely painted.

Then I didn’t play for a few years and sold it all to buy a bass guitar amplifier to go on tour with one of my bands. Best and worst decisions hobby wise :slight_smile: touring was great and an invaluable experience buy I always missed my armies.

At some point during 8th ed I started again with the lizardmen you see here, also a lot of them second hand.

In one of those lots was a 1k skaven army so naturally I started collecting those too.

Getting those skaven reignited my love for chaos, so I bought a beastmen army.

That made me miss my warriors of chaos so I collected a chaos army.

Then I wanted all those sweet ass daemons I never had… so I bought s lot of daemons. Ķ

Enter 3d resin printing and a load if companies releasing dwarf stuff… chaos dwarf army started.

Then txarly factory did the tomb kings army (another long time favorite of mine) so that’s in the works long(ish) term

Currently the ogre kingdom kickstarter is in the to do list too.

Some day… probably… there will also be vampire counts and greenskins… but that would mean what I own now is painted… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
So… to summarize:

|Warriors of Chaos|127|
|Daemons of chaos|65|
|Tomb Kings|33|
|Beasts of Chaos|185|
|Chaos Dwarfs|233|
|Adeptus Mechanicus kill team|19|
|Thousand Sons kill team|12|
|Deathkorps of Krieg kill team|20|

Don’t ask how much is painted… or do ask, I’ve got nothing to hide!


@Deebo a tour of my display case with the lizardmen, beastmen, skaven, warriors of chaos, daemons and kill team stuff.

Tomb kings and chaos dwarfs are in storage boxes until I figure out a way to display more models

Tour de display case :slight_smile:


Thinking about it… the only correct response is… not nearly enough…

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