Medals to Badges

Old forum members will know we’ve used medals for awards. We’re in the process of adding all of those too the new system in the form of badges. Once ready, upon request, well transfer over all of your medals into badges within this new forum system.



On a related note, I’m guessing this platform doesn’t have an equivalent to the slaves system of the old CDO? Also if the badges are ready for transfer I’m ready :pirate_flag:

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Oh yeah, completely forgot about the slaves! (oof, something no respectable Chaos Dwarf has ever said, I’ll join the Legion of Azgorh then…)


Ive transfered all the medals over to the new forum as badges, but forgot to do the yearly awards. So Ill have to bring them over as well when I have the time.

But feel free to use this thread to claim what you had. Take a print screen or how you prefer and post here in this thread! Ill get to it as soon as Ive transfered the yearly awards. :slight_smile:

Regarding the slaves Ive no Idea, we’ll have to let Xander work his magic and come up with a solution.


Considering that Tjub have as many medals as a Soviet general, it is only fitting that he should run that department. :wink:

The slaves were a very characterful part of old CDO which I would gladly see reimplemented here.

However, it may be one of those customized plugins which caused old CDO to not update its software, remaining stuck with an older version which grated ever more over time.

Our glorious overlord @Xander (TTS reference) may ken, and judge accordingly. We must first and foremost ensure the future smooth running of CDO and all its treasures and creative community, even if it would mean eschewing a few very flavourful features of old CDO.

I’m by the way very curious if the old smileys can be implemented. They add a lot! Especially the hat off one.

Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

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Besides, should we retain the built-in badges of Discourse? Or should we remove them (if possible) and only use our own medals?

The medals would seem to disappear in Discourse’s automatic badges.

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I very much agree (also with respect to the custom emojis), well stated.

Done /tjub

I guess I’ll kick this off. Thanks Tjub!

We are able to Enable/Disable individual Badges, so its doable. :slight_smile:

Also, just for the sake of trying out funktions on the new forum. I’ll add a poll, just to see how the wind is blowing…

  • Keep all existing Badges inc the classic CDO Badges
  • Only use the classic CDO Badges

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I like the Discourse Badges and would keep them alongside our trusted CDO badges, I think they encourage a positive community behavior, like regular visits, linking/sharing, liking posts etc. And even if we only had the classic CDO badges, badges are not displayed under the Avatar anyway, you’d have to click on the avatar to have this small preview visible, and there are also only three badges displayed.
I do agree that our own CDO badges are more important and should be featured as prominently as possible, but I don’t think disabling the discourse badges accomplishes that. Maybe we can have some kind of “Hall of fame”, a thread dedicated to acknowledging outstanding achievements by members?


I like this idea, good mix of both :+1:

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My medals, etc. from the old CDO for whenever we get to having those applied:

Also, I think I have changed my mind re the medals. Keep the discourse ones too, as they do as previously noted, encourage community.

Thanks and Cheers!


Here’s mine, most were “earned” from a rusty knife in the back and a quick rummage through the victims pockets.
Hobgoblin style.


There might be some new Badges which are not bad. But where is the Point of Badges like “first post” or something like that? These are clearly not so meaningful as, for example, a Golden Hat medal, but would be displayed equally.
Additionally, as you see above, some members have a lot of medals already and it would be even more confusing to add some badges which everyone has anyway.

At the moment I would prefer to only use the traditional medals.

I voted traditional only. I don’t care about my Discourse badges or anyone elses.

I had a badge on the old site. Just one…but damn was I proud of it :smiley:

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Was wondering if these were being retroactively applied :slight_smile:

Worth mentioning that upon completing the tutorial and looking at the badges, the image links to the old medals were broken, so not sure if that’s my end or something that needs looking into?

I’d recommend disabling the badges that every member will be given (the first post, first like, first edit, first mention of someone else etc) as they are basically participation medals. And we have some worthwhile participation medals (Artisan’s Contest veterans, for example) already. I’ve no looked extensively at Discourse’s badges, but if some are useful, it’d be worth keeping those.

In the same vein as changing the emoticons to the Chaos Dwarfs Online ones if old, be cool to change the Discourse badges if possible. And would love a return of the Slaves system if possible. But these are only if they don’t affect functionality of the site, etc.

Lastly, my badges, few as they are:

Might have to re-upload the medals… I think they are just linked from the old page for now. Will look into it again when I have the time. :slight_smile:

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In our job slang this means “never” . :wink:

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I should do my own badges at some point, lol.