Meshmixing chaos dwarfs

I’ve been dipping my toe in editing 3D files

I recently got some lovely mandalorian inspired dwarf STLs.

I had a play with “chaosing” them up a bit.

And today I downloaded a heroquest inspired chaos dwarf. The heroquest chaos warrior is one of my fav minis of all time so couldn’t resist!

So I had a play with turning him
Into a hand gunner

When my printer is back up and running - who knows - I may get a chance to add some edited designs to some of my armies!


This is pretty cool! Wish I had space for a printer…


They look great. The heroquest ones were what i was trying to achieve with my monopose immortals. Is it possible to buy hard copies of these?

Say you print these. Can you make moulds and make them plastic using old melted sprues?

If you could even print the heads of the chaos dwarfs, imagine the diversity it would create in the other units.
Helm heads i wish were made and sold by a company somewhere


@Zoddtheimmortal easiest way if for me to print some for you mate. Not for profit- just for the love of chaos dwarfs haha!!

So if you were interested I’d only charge postage and materials so wouldn’t be a lot. That’s is when I get my gaming room finished so I can get some of these made and printed!

I’m planning some great weapon, champs, musicians etc.

Was so much fun and quite easy to do so I fancy doing more.

I guess I could upload them to thingiverse as a remix too :thinking:

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Cheers, ill definitely avail of that offer one day :smiley:

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@Zoddtheimmortal the only way to cast these would be like this:

  • Print model
  • Clean up support marks (printer equivalent of mold lines)
  • Make silicone molds of said prints
  • Cast models in 2 part epoxy resin

The reason you could not “Cast” these in molten plastic is its too viscous. Also toxic. It would not flow into tjhe mold. Thats why they use injection molding fore the sprues. The molten plastic is injected in the mold under pressure.

However the silicone mold method would allow you to use a master print to replicate dozens or more models out of epoxy resin.

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Blue stuff and milliput is a good casting method for home grown projects. I’ve done that before. But honestly @Zoddtheimmortal ill print you some man. Postage won’t be bad. There’s just a little bit of water between us haha

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no man, we dont. we already have too much around (damn i want that too)
:hat1: .
:tongue3: .

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Cheers for the science lesson. Im starting to save all my waste plastic sprues, no idea for what yet.

Oxymandius if you can change the bases to 20mm square you wouldnt have to cut them up. Or need to add bases i guess. But then they prob wouldnt rank up nicely…ignore that. Cds need angles…haha

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Yup I considered it but also printing minis with bases can be a bugger. Makes it harder to get supports in etc

But scaling minis is easy. You could tell me how tall in mm you want them to be so they look good next to your existing models. I’ll print mine quite tall because my oathmark dwarfs are hench

More poses added including a champ


Ohh this is very interesting indeed! What are you using to edit the files?

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Standard warrior where I can add different hand weapons

@Fabelzel i stole one of your shields here! Hope it’s okay haha


@Oxymandias: If you could print me some of the CDs in Manalorian style, that would be terrific. Just tell me what you want for it, I think we will agree on a deal!


Oxymandias. I think there are 2 really minor adjustments you can make to add variety to your designs.

  1. Add a middle tail to the beard
  2. Change the inlets to the helm ( eyepieces)
    A roman plume on the back of a leader would be cool

Maybe these are harder to do…i have no idea. Changing the helm over half a dozen variants would make every model unique

Ignore if these are silly :head3:p

@Zoddtheimmortal I think the beard edits are way beyond me atm. Like anything that requires sculpting would be haha.

Helmet edits are more doable though :slight_smile:

Appreciate the input

@Zanko - when my printers up and running again I’ll let you know dude. Happy to get you some of these :slight_smile:


Some Warriors and a standard bearer added :slight_smile:


Your virtual cd army is looking amazing. The skull face looks really detailed as does the standard.


Enough to make full units of warriors with command now :slight_smile: