Minihammer: 10mm Orc army

A little backstory:

In 2017 a friend had a great idea, play Warhammer (or Ninth Age) with 10mm mini’s using halved measurements. We gathered a small group of enthousiastic gamers, ordered some nice mini’s and Minihammer was born.

I started with a Halfling army because mini Halflings sounded way too cute. I built some models and painted a small army, but then someone offered me a Warmaster Orc army for a nice price so I had to start an Orc & Goblin army. This is the result:

I love building mini armies, and I hope to print off some of @LordKrell s mini’s soon!


so basically quarterlings now…

Great looking army dude. How does minihammer play? Do you notice scale differences?


@MichaelX Mini hammer plays great. you only need a 1/4 of the table so you can almost play anywhere. We had some 1/2 inc rules printed to make the game measurement a little easier and maybe you should avoid moving single heroes on foot on their own but in all its great. and there is a amazing collection of 10mm miniatures out there and you can paint one army in a month and it will look stunning.
(May be I should post my army too)


Practical thing about Minihammer is that the playing field also is a lot smaller so it fits on every table.

Also nice that the entire army can fit in a small box (I use an old cookie tin).

And the mini’s are just very cute <3


@bas_2312 you forgot a pic with a coin and the pics are so good you might forget its 10mm (;


True! Doesn’t look that small to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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What a fantastic little gem! I just found those pictures!
Did you print a scaled down version of the rulebooks aswell? :smiley:


For sure! Small A5 rule- and armybooks :smiley:


Sorry for the bump…well not really sorry. Like all your work, these look amazing.

Are you still playing mini-hammer Bas?

One thing I thought is…why work at half measurements? Why not work using cm instead of inches? That’s almost the perfect scale down to 10mm.

Is it that you guys work in cm already? or Minihammer doesn’t work so well at that scale?

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Using cm would have also been an option. But we decided to use half-inch in the beginning and that’s what stuck ;p

We now have some half inch rulers etc so it’s just as easy!

Well it isn’t just you. I’ve been looking into Minihammer a bit and I saw another European group doing the same. Actually…it was another Dutch guy, but playing somewhere ‘up north’.

I seem to remember everything I ever bought in Belgium was in English. Did they ever do anything Warhammer in Dutch? I guess if they did, they’d have already converted it to cm. I wonder if in Italy or Spain, where they did have rules in their languages whether it was in inches or cm.

One thing I always said, was that 28mm was the wrong scale for wargaming. That there was plenty of detail on 20mm/1/72 scale figures. And that, that would have been a much better scale to go with, for a wargame.

However, looking at these new resin 10mm figures… holy hairy bat balls those things are amazing! It’s like before was playing tennis with a cricket ball and being then handed a tennis ball. I guess, my old adage about 20mm being the right scale is double the size wrong!

I was watching a painting guide on this scale on youtube. They said that you have to make it brighter for the little guys to stand out. And to add some vibrant detail. I can see you’ve done that with the bright purples and such. Very clever, and such a beautiful army. If you have any more 10mm, I’d love to see it!

What a pleasure to see this thread once again!
Reminds me of the (one of the way too many) unfinished project I had about making a 10mm blood Bowl stadium

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The other Dutch guy was our inspiration for this whole project ;p

There have been Warhammer translations to Dutch, but only the starterset and everything was still in inches.

The new digital sculpts are really cool, although I still prefer old metal models. I have also build a Slaanesh daemon army from old Warmaster models:

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10mm Blood Bowl would rule!

Not sure if I ever shared this on here, but I also once had plans for Minibowl:

But this is all that ever came from that idea…

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Is there a tangible reason why? I mean, I know where you’re coming from…I was always a metal man, when plastics started to become the norm. More character…a nicer feel when moving…and just a quality to them that plastics can’t achieve.

However, these resins…seem to have much more detail, buckets of character and at 10mm, I doubt you feel a different of weight in your hand. So genuinely interested on your opinion on the matter.

Ok, I’m off to peruse your lovely perversions (slaanesh).

Oh yeah…they’re even better than the orcs! Think you might have gone over to the dark-side with the matching purple dice though! ‘Thou shall not think Slaaneshly thoughts, Bas!’

Ok, maybe I am seeing why you may prefer them…a proportions thing? The resins need certain things like spear staffs to be ‘over-sized’?

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I think it’s also a collecting thing. The challenge of getting the minis together for an army. There is only an X amount of metal Epic 40k Greater Daemons of Slaanesh in existance, and I can always print more digital sculpts.

Hauauahau how pretty! Micro models are even cuter ahhshaha

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