Minihammer: 10mm Orc army

A little backstory:

In 2017 a friend had a great idea, play Warhammer (or Ninth Age) with 10mm mini’s using halved measurements. We gathered a small group of enthousiastic gamers, ordered some nice mini’s and Minihammer was born.

I started with a Halfling army because mini Halflings sounded way too cute. I built some models and painted a small army, but then someone offered me a Warmaster Orc army for a nice price so I had to start an Orc & Goblin army. This is the result:

I love building mini armies, and I hope to print off some of @LordKrell s mini’s soon!


so basically quarterlings now…

Great looking army dude. How does minihammer play? Do you notice scale differences?


@MichaelX Mini hammer plays great. you only need a 1/4 of the table so you can almost play anywhere. We had some 1/2 inc rules printed to make the game measurement a little easier and maybe you should avoid moving single heroes on foot on their own but in all its great. and there is a amazing collection of 10mm miniatures out there and you can paint one army in a month and it will look stunning.
(May be I should post my army too)


Practical thing about Minihammer is that the playing field also is a lot smaller so it fits on every table.

Also nice that the entire army can fit in a small box (I use an old cookie tin).

And the mini’s are just very cute <3


@bas_2312 you forgot a pic with a coin and the pics are so good you might forget its 10mm (;


True! Doesn’t look that small to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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What a fantastic little gem! I just found those pictures!
Did you print a scaled down version of the rulebooks aswell? :smiley:


For sure! Small A5 rule- and armybooks :smiley: