Misc Chaos Dwarf inspiration

Ok, so I just wanted to share this image which felt a bit Chaos Dwarfy to me. Thought other people might have similar inspirational stuff coming up, so might as well try to organize a thread for it and see what happens… :slight_smile:

“Fish-Tank 02” - The Art of Sean Andrew Murray


Cool thread idea. I collect stuff like this. I’ll drop some of my folder of wonders here!

Two finds at the Steampunk HQ in New Zealand

A beer bottle I thankfully took pictures of before a failed attempt at turning it into a vase

Penal Colony by Masahiro Sawada


Cool idea!

I jump on the bandwagon!

Some fantasy airship that inspired my Chaos Dwarf Zeppelin!


Of course, everything from Laputa, castle in the Sky. One of the movies I love the most :heart:


Art and machineries are amazing and if “evilized” they are perfect for Chaos Dwarf ideas…


The Art of Sean Andrew Murray - Cinder Klaus




Today, and quite unsuspectingly, I stumbled across something that might serve as an inspiration for a siege cannon or a very innovative take on the Great Taurus. :smile:

Meet the Bonnacon! In the Aberdeen Bestiary, it is described as follows:

“In Asia an animal is found which men call bonnacon. It has the head of a bull, and thereafter its whole body is of the size of a bull’s with the maned neck of a horse. Its horns are convoluted, curling back on themselves in such a way that if anyone comes up against it, he is not harmed. But the protection which its forehead denies this monster is furnished by its bowels. For when it turns to flee, it discharges fumes from the excrement of its belly over a distance of three acres, the heat of which sets fire to anything it touches. In this way, it drives off its pursuers with its harmful excrement.”

(Translation sourced from the digitally available version of the Aberdeen Bestiary, which I highly recommend to anyone with an interest in medieval art and fantastic beasts. :smile:)

A gallery of depictions (including sources) can be found on this website. Here’s a small anthology:

(@Admiral and @Oxymandias I’ll just tag you here hoping you’ll have some fun with this. :hatoff:)


Fantastic haha!

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