My Asklander army

Hi guys,

Yesterday I dug out my Asklanders army. It’s basically a pure Marauders army for the Ninth Age.

I build these for some tournaments a couple of years ago, using loads of classic GW models (Thugs from the 80s, Marauders from the 90s) and some own sculpts.

The reason that I dug them out of storage is that they’re now for sale. After the tournament season that year (I guess it was somewhere in 2018) I haven’t touched these guys, since good old Goblins or Halflings are more fun to me.

The pics aren’t the best, but I hope you still like them.

  • 24 Asklanders with handweapon, [lexicon]shield[/lexicon] and full command.

  • 15 Asklanders with bows and full command, including extra figure to replace the banner.

  • 5 [lexicon]Warhounds[/lexicon]

  • 10 Mounted Asklanders

  • 23 Huskarls with [lexicon]shields[/lexicon] and a General

  • 9 Berserkers with handweapon and [lexicon]shield[/lexicon], [lexicon]Champion[/lexicon] and [lexicon]musician[/lexicon]

  • 2 Wargs

  • Jotunn

  • [lexicon]BSB[/lexicon]

  • General on [lexicon]Chimera[/lexicon]

I have also played this army as Makhar, and for that made the following additions:

  • Adapter base to make [lexicon]the General[/lexicon] a Steppe Mammoth

  • Turul


That is a great looking army! :slight_smile:

Awesome army, looks like it was a lot of fun to paint.

Some more pics from one of the tournaments with a cool snow table, and some WIP pics of the Ice Giant.


You have the power!

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What an epic army!!! Love the fact you’ve snuck a battlemasters beastman in there. That box keeps on giving after all this time.

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Wow @bas_2312 this is a gorgeous army… very impressive!

The mammoth on the tiny base looks hilarious :joy:

I liked the ice giant but after seeing it’s origin story I now love that ice giant! Brilliant conversion work

Love the Mammoth too

Amazing army :hatoff:

Wow, and using an action figure as a giant is just too cool of a conversion not to try! :smiley: Superbly done!

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