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Hi there, sons of the Father of Darkness. I had stopped reading the old forum, but the great Fabelzel told me about the new one. I have been painting some oldhammer, and mainly 10 mm Warmaster Chaos Dwarves, wich I love, and plan to get to 2k painted points.

I will use this blog to show you my stuff, including 28mm, 10mm, and scenery.

Praise Hashut¡¡


So first a comparison pic so you can see the real size of my little chaos dwarfs…


Some unit pics.


@Nergal i saw a lot of your work in my lurking days on the old forum! Great to have you on board here. These look great mate!


The blue weapons are amazing. Particularly on the 28mm guy. Really well painted


Beautiful painting mate, these look awesome! :hatoff: :beer:
I am looking forward to seeing more of your work

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Hi and welcome!

Lovely army! I am always in awe of the overall look of a 15mm army! Always looks so massive!

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Thanks a lot for your answers¡ they are 10mm, so real tiny stuff, but I love them and I have some ideas about scenic hobby with them. This time I have painted some old Bretonnia too.


Really excellent work all around! The metal on those Bretknights is particularly stunning.


Welcome back! The paint job on those 10mm CDs is really quite stunning with a ton of detail visible given the scale. The army is looking quite striking overall. I second Reaver’s comments on your Betonnian Knights. Beautiful colors and the gold trim on the models looks amazing.


Wow, that so good. Painting on another level… :skull1:

How do our Chaos Dwarfs play in Warmaster?


Damn man! I think I follow your profile on Instagram too! I saw those minis!
This is some serious level!

Kudos my friend, and bravo Fabelzel for take you back in here!

Love the 10 and the 28. Gotta step up my game :chaos3:


Cheers for sharing those Bretts @Nergal , they do look amazing also! You have alot of talent in painting and I will be keeping an eye out for more of your work, very pleasing on the eye :beer:

That is pretty cool you know @Fabelzel !! I have a massive crush on Fabs sculpts :heart: :heart_eyes:
I get shivers when I hear his name, I really want to paint his stuff that I have printed but I want it to look extra good and I feel my painting is not worthy of his sculpts!! It will get the better of me one day and I will try, although I may never share pics if they look shit lol


No way man, taking nothing away from Nergal, but I think you could also paint this good, you are very, very talented with the brush from what I have seen! :hatoff:

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@Fabelzel just dropped this on his patreon:

I’m blown away :skull1:


OMG!! I WANT IT!! :heart_eyes: :beer: :hatoff:
That is beautiful, I need to look into whatever this patreon thingy is, I have been under a rock for a while in regards to that…


I will tell you in some months, Im currently painting, because Covid doesnt help to play… :pensive:

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Im not a great painter, just an apprentice, in fact if I had painted all the hours I spent watching tutorials, I would paint waaaaay better…xDD.

Just enjoy your painting time, paint what you desire and be consistent (last months I have tracked my painting hours and it helps a lot).

I saw your works and I think they look great.

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Ouuu…I love it¡¡¡ I am printing one ot his CD, and will paint it soon. This one is great¡¡¡. He gets the oldschool character and feeling but in a modern style, Im in love with his work ¡


Do not wait to paint them¡¡¡¡ If you love the models, you will make a great job, and btw, learn by painting it. Finishing models (including bases, wich I hate) is one of the keys to getting better, and the other is painting what you really love.

You can always print more, and believe me you will paint better those miniatures now that you love them¡. And of course, show them and ask for constructive feedback if you want to get better. We all are learning.


Very early wip from the great @Fabelzel