Nergling's Chaos Dwarf Warhost

Dark tidings fellow CDO’ers, I am Alex (Al). I started collecting miniatures in 1992, left the hobby several times and returned to it with renewed vigour each time. In 2013 I returned once more and started the Nergling project, which was originally going to be a complete Chaos Renegade army for Rogue Trader. It soon branched out to become a pre-slotta Chaos army too. As my collection grew I started delving into more and more of the niches of Chaos, Necromunda Scavvies, Mordheim Carnival of Chaos and of course Chaos Dwarfs. Which leads us here…

My current Chaos Dwarf project is what I call one of my Facets of Chaos, in loose terms one of the 4 main armies that make up my WFB Chaos army whole. The 4 strands are Chaos Warriors, Demons, Beastmen and Chaos Dwarfs.

Ok on to the main reason you are reading this, Chaos Dwarfs. Below is roughly what I have finished and painted so far, save for a Hellcannon, some Orc mercs and a few odds and ends.

I really like using models that you wouldn’t suspect might work in my armies, here are a few examples:

So what else is there to do?

  • 3 x Bull Centaurs
  • 3 x Mercenary Ogres
  • 4 x Beastmasters
  • 5 x Chaos Dwarf Characters
  • 20 x Chaos Dwarf Big Hat Axemen
  • 12 x Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs
  • 12 x Uzegod’s Black Orcs
  • 20 x Orcs
  • 20 x Hobgoblins (almost complete)
  • 4 x Mutants (almost complete)
  • 20 x Chaos Goblin Mutants
  • 20 x Slaves
  • 40 x Chaos Dwarfs (20 x almost complete)
  • 100 x Night Goblin Archers + 1 x Shaman and 3 x Fanatics
  • 100 x Goblin Spearmen
  • 1 x Flame Cannon
  • 1 x Magma Cannon
  • 1 x Chaos Dwarf Cook + 1 x Helper + 1 x Victim
  • 1 x Snotling Pumpwagon
  • 1 x Treadmill of Hubris

In addition to it being an enormous project, I thought I’d take on even more work and produce a YouTube series detailing my efforts to build this mad thing. What I have done so far you can see below:

I hope you enjoy following along and I will endeavour to keep this page updated as I go.

Best regards,



Thanks for sharing!
Wonderfull old school army and very thematic video content. :slight_smile:


Excellent work, a joy to behold.

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What a fantastic collection, great looking army and of course still a fair bit to go :grimacing:
Good luck and thanks for sharing :+1:t2:

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Great job, I love seeing armies like this one, so characterful ¡¡

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Wow v impressed with your videos. That battering ram is a very nice model. I didnt know it existed until now

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Really great army! Nice to see a Juggernaut and several other rare inclusions in there fully painted up. More please. :grinning:


Okay, I gotta ask, how does the Dalek figure in? Just curious.

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Didn’t you ever wonder where Daleks came from? Now you know! they are infernal CD war machines!

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Some things I am currently working on:

Big hat transplants, Hot Pot, Giant Orc Mercenary and a big unit of Axemen.


Good stuff. Look forward to seeing these finished. Who makes the giant orc?

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Orc, Mutants and Hotpot all done!


I like the big orc the most but those mutants are the craziest looking things ive seen. Im thinking you may have to show each rank individually to really see what you have created. Very original :laughing:


Those mutants have made my day. There’s something very 2000AD about a goose with a human head, love it.


Well, actually this one is from Grenadier Miniatures and I think it was designed by Nick Lund. Isn’t that from the wolf chariot? Definitely a great model.

Btw. your collection is awesome!

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Yep, Grenadier but now sold by Mirliton Miniatures, he is an Orc Warlord however not from the chariot, I also have that chap and he is slightly smaller and has crossed arms. Lovely models all told though.

Thanks kindly!

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Mutants finished!


Some of the mutants I find very cool and successful, others I do not like at all. Nevertheless a brilliant idea which is worth to be copied! :wink:

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I just like them for their sheer wackiness!