New Blood Bowl Team!

All Hail Nuffle! Tis the season to start your Blood Bowl leagues! I printed out and painted my little bastards…

Now, I just need a name. Something, something Ziggerauts?


Cool, are these conversions? Cant remember that Ive seen this team before… :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in knowing; I love those models!

As for the name, than my initial feeling is that the noun needs an adjective. Alliteration would be nice, but which adjectives start with the letter Z and would evoke blocking, tackling, and brawling?

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I think they’re Artisan Guild minis, from the Dumlok range. They look beautiful, really well done.

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Artisan Guild is who does them. Two separate sets: one CD’s and one Black Iron Hobgoblins. I absolutely love the work video. You can print out whatever hands you want and they usually have weapons. I did a lot that I just fists or open hands. Occasionally I did a weapon and just cut the blade off before brass knuckles.

I do think that they make their dwarfs with a little less armor. The poses are very dynamic. It can be difficult for ranked units. With the less armor I think they make perfect blood bowl guys/gals.


Zoggin’ Ziggerauts ??? :smile:

I was thinking some name place, like maybe Zhel-Kadeth Ziggerauts? Zhel-Dumlock Ziggerauts?

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Thanks! Lots of Contrast paint, but did the reds proper. It has been a while since I did green skins I think I made this skin a little too bright that I normally do.

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The green looks great, perfect for Blood Bowl, I think. BB lends itself to brighter colours.

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Wow Mate, these are beauifull! I don’t play blood bowl but i want this team… :smiley: that’s saying something.

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Thanks! Artisan Guild does the sculpt and I love their work. Their Hobbos are great. Their CD’s are dynamic, but don’t have a lot of armor. Also, dynamic can be difficult to rank up on square bases. So, I turned them into a Blood Bowl team! The brass knuckles are hilts for swords.

I haven’t played BB in a very long time, but I hope I might get a chance this year. The pandemic has killed my gaming outside of the house, but I might get to play with some vaccinated friends.

I’m assuming you mean the sculpts are nice, as my paint job is so so. Half Contrast and half regular paint. I’m out of practice with my greenskin skin. Too green for these guys, if you ask me.

I might need to figure out a cheerleader mini if we go that route.

@tjub thanks. I missed the fact it was a image gallery post.

No problemos! :slight_smile:

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call them ZIGGU-RUNTS!
Also neat models!! :skull2:


Great name! haha!

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Pun-ish-tended. I know nothing of English, but those word jokes always pop to my mind.

Send help

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