New old guy from NH, USA

Hello all,

I’ve been collecting minis off and on for many years, and recently started feeling the nostalgic pull of the metal Oldhammer minis of my youth. I’ve always liked the Chaos dwarves, particularly the original mutated, evil-helmeted variety, but I’ve gravitated more towards oldschool sci-fi than fantasy, so I’m most interested in either finding some good, preferably hand-sculpted Space Chaos Dwarf models, or kitbashing them myself, ideally a skirmish squad of around 8 to 10 highly individual figures. I figured this site would be a good place to get advice, examples, and perhaps also to get leads on short, limited runs of suitable figures that are otherwise only available via facebook, which I’m not on.

I’m not an Oldhammer purist - I just got some of Mantic’s recent hard plastic Abyssal Dwarfs, which I quite like except that I’m definitely a helmet creed person. But I have found that as the entire miniatures field goes increasingly digital, I’m valuing the look of hand-sculpted minis more and more, and after years of avoiding metal completely in favor of plastic, I’m now back to mostly working with the kind of metal minis I painted as a teen way back when.

Anyhow, glad to be here, and thanks for having me!


Welcome to the forum!

Let us know when you start your Space Chorfs! It sounds like a great project.

As a representative and perhaps only member of the Northeast, USA contingent very happy to welcome you aboard! I’m currently in Mass but just moved out of NH and I float up to Maine frequently.

Soon us sand-people will have our own CDOffline, but in greater numbers!

Excited to see what you have planned, Chaos Dwarfs or otherwise. We’ve got lots of old school style fans here to be sure.


Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!

Reaver, it’s very nice to meet someone who’s somewhat local. I actually float down to Mass sometimes, as we have family there. If you ever want to trade or just have coffee, let me know.

I’m currently planning on doing a lot of painting this winter, but sometime within the next 12 months I’d like to give sculpting a go.


Definitely! If you ever fancy a time zone compatible chat there are hobby hangouts on the discord somewhat often. (Although more could be better)

I’ll just leave this link here. Our community sculpting initiative is still in early stages but feel free to poke around there if it’s something you get interested in. There are lots of sculpting resources on the forum too!


The flippery embrace of Walhut welcomes all. Really cool kitbashes! Nids were my first real kitbashes with sculpting effort behind them.

There’s certainly still an audience for hand-sculpting here. It’s a tradition CDO needs to keep alive. And hopefully then preserve digitally and leverage our proficient digital sculptors for cleanup, modularity, reposing. Appreciate the kind words and hope to see more from you. I’m always open to sculpting chat.

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Welcome from another new old guy from the US as well…SC here. I look forward to seeing your progress!


Good to make your acquaintance, Achaias. I hope to be able to follow your work here as well.

I’m not sure how my previous post with the kitbash images got deleted - I certainly didn’t do that on purpose - but rather than repost those images here, maybe I should migrate such content to a gallery section or sculpting section on this site.


Yep, start a blog, best thing. Welcome to cdo!


Welcome to the group from another… Old guy… I guess. Pushing 50 counts, I think… This group has always been very welcoming of CD enthusiasts in all shapes and sizes. Standard models, old school, new fangled, or completely eclectic. It all fits here, space chaos dwarfs included. Love the idea. There have been a few well done old school armored chaos squats out there on the web in the last few years.

I made a set of diving suit dwarf and kdaai minions that got mistaken for space CDs if you are interested:. Diving suit Chaos Dwarfs

Cheers and welcome!