Nicodemus' Forge of Unfinished Business

As some of you may recall, I’m terrible at finishing projects, so I can’t promise a lot of painted models. Things only get finished if there’s a deadline like a game coming up. Haven’t had any Warhammer battles since 2015 or so, but there have been a few Warhammer Quest (classic '95 version) which has required me to complete terrain pieces and extra characters in the last few years.

Here’s a pic of where things stand at the moment with my little army:

Kind of hard to see… I know. Here’s part, anyway:

Not in the pic are unassembled models (two more Hellcannons, 7 of the FW Bull Centaurs, a FW Skullcracker, ~10 Fireglaive, old metal Lammasu). I also left out a couple of Heroes in original packaging, 25 plastic CD Warriors (some sill on sprues, others I got cheap because they look like someone’s kid was painting them). None of my MM90 models or my Hobgoblins are here either - There’s just no room more :wink:

Now if I can only find time to paint during this pandemic I’ll be all set!


Welcome back Nico!
Thats a treassure horde you have there… The whole HeroQuest board should have an honor place in the Showcase section, together with all the rules you created along with it! Would be tempted to give it a go in 15mm… :blush:

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Hail our Grand Imperious Sorcerer of the Forge!

Yay, nice to see your wondrous (WIP) collection. Marvellous builds as always. Fingers crossed for updates from you in the close future. Welcome back, master! :slight_smile:

Very impressive troop you have collected there, but as you rightly said… it lacks color! :upside_down_face:
Good that you found your way back here again!

This is as jaw dropping a collection as if expect from @Nicodemus gets off my friend amazing collection!

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So pleased to see this thread, and more importantly yourself, migrate over to the new site! Look forward to seeing many wonders!

P.S. it took me over a year (maybe more than two), but I returned at the behest of an e-mail from yourself :slight_smile:


Had to go looking for the airship you mentioned. Holy shit dude! That’s most of Zharr Naggrund there on the table. What a sight!


I think we need to see an update for this blog nicodemus? Better get those brushes out!


No models or painting related updates, but I do have some MAJOR news.

It’s only been 17 years (2006) since the Chaos Dwarf Mining Complex was first shared on the Warhammer Empire forum… and the most major progress on the project last occurred in 2009… although the person doing the artistic and design direction stopped posting around this time as well.

So, this is a bit of an archaeological expedition of sorts for the Chaos Dwarf Community:

While the Photobucket images of the project are still online all of the drawings and concept images were hosted on a separate server and are just dead links in that forum now. I had backed up most of the concept drawings back when this was happening and started on an expedition last year to try and track down the two principle people involved: Teb (artistic design) and Marcus (model building).

I tracked down Teb last October and was able to get most of the missing concept images from him, which he recovered off an old drive. Marcus, however, was much harder to track down… until YESTERDAY. I spoke to Marcus on the phone yesterday and we chatted briefly about the mining complex. We are now communicating via text message. He still has the project components in storage and would very much like to get back to to the project - it was just getting very large and wieldy, plus there were job changes and moves over the years. He and I are going to coordinate on the project with the intent of posting further progress updates over the coming year.

Anyway, there’s till hope, so stay tuned!


Wow, that sounds so cool! Hope to see this project get to life again… :smiley:
This was very much the inspiration for me creating the Obsidian Fortress!


Holy Hashut, I remember this amazing project. It inspired me so much, I own a lot to this iconography. It’s pretty obvious if you watch some of my creations… awesome to hear you find it. Please tell Teb and Marcus how much I admired their work.


A few of my avatars from over the years:

The Acumancer, created back in 2002 and used primarily for my Nicodemus account over on

My original CDO avatar

My April Fool’s version of the same avatar.



Probably my longest-lived CDO avatar, based on my Daemonsmith that was part of my Arcane Fulcrum for our Storm of Magic-themed competition.

A short-lived bonus for the Hobgoblin take-over of CDO :wink:

Current Discourse avatar.

And so with this trip down memory lane I must now break for some solemn news:

The Indefatigable - flagship of the mighty Dawi Zharr sky fleet is no more. I first posted it on CDO on Oct 31, 2013 following the end of Golden Hat XX. I was in the process of rearranging and cleaning and moved the airship up high out of the way while I installed new shelving and it must not have been as steady as I thought. It just slowly tilted from `6ft up at the top of a bookshelf and then fell. The force was strong enough to break some of the main support structures that were intended to withstand a fall. LOTS of small parts broke off as well and lots of paint chipped and broke away too. Too much breakage to salvage. It was also just days shy of turning a decade old. Not sure I’ll have time to build another. Luckily the crew were being stored elsewhere, so the ship is survived by her crew:
Sorcerer of the Furnace (Daemonsmith),
Planesman (who kept the airship upright during flight)
the 4 Infernal Guard Bridge Officers,
2 Chaos Dwarf Warrior Main Deck Guards,
10 Hobgoblin Crew,
a Black Orc Furnace Slave Worker and an Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch inside the boiler as the heat source,
16 mixed Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin crew for the Main Deck Anchor Cannon, the 2 Earthshaker Cannons and the 8 Death Rockets.

There were 7 additional slave prisoners (a Dwarf, Snotling, Skaven, 2 Humans, and 2 Gnoblars) who only receive mention because they did indeed go down with the ship when she crashed in the Darklands.

After the firing of the 8 Death Rockets, the 2 Earth Shaker Cannons, and the main deck cannon we will observe a moment of silence while we listen to the wails from the cowed masses in the slave pits who will be sacrificed in recognition of the service and memory of The Indefatigable this night.



Sorry for your loss, big breakages are rough…

Maybe hashut guides you to fill its space on the shelf with other engineering projects