Nicodemus' Forge of Unfinished Business

As some of you may recall, I’m terrible at finishing projects, so I can’t promise a lot of painted models. Things only get finished if there’s a deadline like a game coming up. Haven’t had any Warhammer battles since 2015 or so, but there have been a few Warhammer Quest (classic '95 version) which has required me to complete terrain pieces and extra characters in the last few years.

Here’s a pic of where things stand at the moment with my little army:

Kind of hard to see… I know. Here’s part, anyway:

Not in the pic are unassembled models (two more Hellcannons, 7 of the FW Bull Centaurs, a FW Skullcracker, ~10 Fireglaive, old metal Lammasu). I also left out a couple of Heroes in original packaging, 25 plastic CD Warriors (some sill on sprues, others I got cheap because they look like someone’s kid was painting them). None of my MM90 models or my Hobgoblins are here either - There’s just no room more :wink:

Now if I can only find time to paint during this pandemic I’ll be all set!


Welcome back Nico!
Thats a treassure horde you have there… The whole HeroQuest board should have an honor place in the Showcase section, together with all the rules you created along with it! Would be tempted to give it a go in 15mm… :blush:

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Hail our Grand Imperious Sorcerer of the Forge!

Yay, nice to see your wondrous (WIP) collection. Marvellous builds as always. Fingers crossed for updates from you in the close future. Welcome back, master! :slight_smile:

Very impressive troop you have collected there, but as you rightly said… it lacks color! :upside_down_face:
Good that you found your way back here again!

This is as jaw dropping a collection as if expect from @Nicodemus gets off my friend amazing collection!

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So pleased to see this thread, and more importantly yourself, migrate over to the new site! Look forward to seeing many wonders!

P.S. it took me over a year (maybe more than two), but I returned at the behest of an e-mail from yourself :slight_smile: