Nightstalker Terror from Mantic

Being a Nautic theme for Golden Hat XXXIV it got me thinking of more pirate themed Chaos Dwarfs for AoS for a while. Though it will probably never end up to anything, this model would be great to include as a demonic horror. Might even be useful as a Hellcannon?


How is it that @Reaver has not replied here yet…


Crows nest hobgob must’ve been asleep at his post… Good shout. Personally never been a mantic follower/fan but this is a nice lookin model that may have had a chance at courting my wallet if I hadn’t already A: started my hermit crab destroyer and B: my skullkraken. I definitely circled around many different things for my destroyer… crabs, krakens, turtles, sharks, and other pacific rim looking crap. Maybe once my gottacatchemall attitude has exhausted the sea creature list I’ll circle back to tentacled things again


@Habitual_Lurker could be a vampcoast thing if it were undead-ified a bit

also check out archvilaain “the trench” collection including this model

Might be some etsy or other sellers of prints to use if sans printer

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Oh wow that thing is nice. I’m almost scared to show it to my friend because if I do, I know I’m going to have to fight 2 necrofexes!

Thanks mate, that’s some real treasure there.