Notifications on android hit and miss

Hi all,

Anyone else use the android “app” feature for cdo? I do not always get notifications on my phone. Anyone else notice this?

I checked all settings android and cdo, but it does not work all the time

i got it for the first…5 days or so, since then, nothing else either

I still get them, as email notifications that tend to end up in my junk mail :confused:

Good feedback folks! Fingers crossed this can be solved one way or another in due time.

@denelian5: You get E-mails at all, even if in junkmail? I thought the E-mail sendout went on strike again. @Xander, in case this is of use in your current tech-travails, we summon thee!

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To be honest… its working again after toggling some options of and on again.


Well, I haven’t been so active lately and changed my phone quite recently so I don’t think I’ve been getting lots of notifications lately :confused: I know I kept receiving them last time the mail system was down according to the forum.

Try to turn them of and on
n again. I had the exact same issue