Ogre iron blaster build

Hey all,

Making the artisan model left me wanting more, and with that northern ogres kickstarter dropping soon I decided I wanted to make a ogre iron blaster from kitbashed parts and sculpted parts. This is the second (well third but the fist model ever was rather simplistic) model I am making myself.

Today I made a start with a platform to mount the ogre and multi barrel cannon on. The ogre is just for scale, it will be replaced with one better suited.

The base components

First putty work done.


Ogre Kingdoms, remember when these guys were grey :grin: didn’t go down to well but I liked it

This is a cool idea, unless your on the other side of the battlefield of course, in which case it’s a terrifying idea

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This looks great. The height is so imposing and the sculpt cool.