Oldhammer inspired Chaos Dwarf Army

I have been collecting chaos dwarfs to create a 9th age army, using mostly older but also newer oldhammer style miniatures. All painted in common theme (red armour, white cloth and gold weapons) with ‘real’ goblin green basing.


Units I have so far are:

40 X Infernal warriors:
I have all the 25 mm90 marauder chaos dwarfs. All the citadel chaos dwarf renegades.
Plus some ral Partha, and knightmare miniatures chorfs.

30 X citadel guard - I have struggled to find a suitable oldschool alternative for pre big hat blunderbuss /gun holding chaos dwarfs. I have some of the admiralty minis with guns and the rest is made up of titan wargames


For shackled slaves I have 20 X realm of chaos style chaos warriors

6 X kadim incarnates
In my mind minotaurs are a good old school chaos model so used some of the Bob Olley minotaurs

20x immortals /disciples of lugar.
Just painted these up and not sure which is the best fit. I have 20 marauder troll slayers (Inc giant slayers)

8 X taurukh enforcers
I used mantic bull centaur bodies and knightmare minis bug bears with legs cut off for torso

7 X taurukh anointed
These are my next project. I have old dragon ogres who I am going to do some conversions to mix them up a bit


Hobgoblins - or so called vassals

I have kind of seen my hobgoblins as chaos style goblins, so I tried to find mutated/chaos looking goblins

40 vassals
Using a mixtures of knightmare minis and creative sculpt studios and a few others

2 slingshots by knightmare minis

10 vassal cavalry - again using knightmare minis - could have done with some conversions here really but I like the minis

My intention for the artillery is to use the oldschool minis ass cannon.


Mounted Hero’s -
I have tried to go down oldhammer style as not sure they is many actual available 3rd ed chaos dwarf mounted hero’s.

For my lamassu I converted a lamassu and a knightmare minis giants to make a kind of centaur lamassu with wings (using original lamassu body head and wings)

For my bull of shamut I used a dark elf beastmaster steed with a chaoa dwarf sitting on it. Used a knightmare minis dwarf plus modelled some legs on him

For my great bull of shamut I plan on using the egrimm van horstmann chaos dragon and haven’t planed which mount I will used yet - possibly the lamassu sorcerer mount with some modifications


Using this model as my Bull of Shamut


Using this model as my Lamassu Scholar, obviously


Hopefully I’m not messing up your format plans by posting now. If so let me know and I’ll delete and repost. But wow! Really looking forward to seeing this shape up. Wonderful pictures so far, and I like how your backdrop leans into the vibrancy of oldhammer. I’ll certainly have my hobgob messenger flag any updates here!


Love what I see here! Thats a funky conversion, do you have any more photos from other angles? :slight_smile:

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Did I read that correctly- you have all The marauder Chaos Dwarfs?

That is basically a priceless collection man!

You gotta post pics!!

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Another helm enthusiast…Great!
Your painting and converting are at a very high standard. I Look forward to seeing more.


That’s a very promising start! :smiley: Finally another friend of the 3rd Edition models! :wink:

Cool conversions so far, but of course I’m looking forward to many more pictures! :metal:


That fine. Thanks First time posting on discourse so wasn’t sure how to best display the blog

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Will get some more photos later. Must admit I am not great with the camera and find it hard to get good angled hots but will see what I can do

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Yes got all the mm90 models. I really love the marauder minis. Need to do a final orange highlight and will post them next


Looking forward to seeing more and more updates here, sounds like fantastic collection of minis and great job fitting them all into the lists, sometimes that’s harder than it sounds

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This is amazing, really looking forward to seeing more.

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40 X Infernal warriors