On the Subject of Crazy Cats

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Do you have any memorable cat anecdotes or special pictures of cats to share? Then go ahead!

Here are some pictures from 2018 A.D. and forward which might enliven someone’s day:

Do you have any crazy cat stories or pictures to share? :smile:


Oh these are excellent! Love your cats


Not exactly crazy, more content and relaxed


Ah, cats :heart:
Even in the dark foreboding lands of Zharr Naggrund, cats are still beloved friends, family and masters.
Because Hashut has a cat…aptly named Catshut.
And just like Hashut’s most favored, the Noble Hobgoblin, the cats of Zharr Naggrund are just as likely to claw you in the back.
As much as I love cats, I’m allergic to them (damn you Nurgle and your vile curse).
But I’m always stopping to pet them and pay respect to our feline masters here in Thailand.
So I present to you the cats I’ve met here in Thailand

And the guardian angel who protects my Lambretta

And of course in Thailand, we naturally have Siamese Cats…gaze into my eyes mortal, and fear me.

:cat: :two_hearts: