On the Subject of Crazy Cats

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Do you have any memorable cat anecdotes or special pictures of cats to share? Then go ahead!

As some of you might know already, my cat Busan has acted as Cat’daai Destroyer.

Aside from that, she and her sister have a slew of eccentric deeds behind them, of which only a few of the milder ones have been captured on photos:

Do you have any crazy cat stories or pictures to share? :slight_smile:



You can’t escape cats even while skiing:


A present for my father’s 56th birthday. A drawing of Busan, the kind and clumsy toppler of High Elves, of CDO fame:




@Jasko: Cheers! :slight_smile:

My mother fortunately found photos of Cissi and Busan as very small kittens (and their brother Jäger, who moved elsewhere) preserved, having been taken with an ordinary camera. 2003 if I remember correctly. After taking home these kittens, she used mobile phone camera, and the cellphone disappeared to my great sadness, with all the beautiful kitten shots. Here is a first sighting of Cissi and Busan. Cissi crawled into my brother’s hand, and stayed with him all her life, enamoured and majestic. Busan rolled around on her back with her white belly in the air, instantly charming me and mum. We had come looking for one male kitten, and instead brought home two girls:


These are shots from Cissi’s last year, 2015-16, doing what she likes best: Being with my little brother. She always became like a kitten again in my brother’s lap. No other cat has ever enjoyed life so much as Cissi the hunter:

However, marauders invaded the house after the passing of Busan. Cissi missed her sister so much (just like I did), and she searched after her for weeks on end. We had to get her company. Enter, Sigrid, a wild bolt of energy, climbing and jumping like mad all over my brother’s room and the entire house:

However, Sigrid was so wild that we had to get another kitten, so she could have a playmate. Enter her smaller sister Stella, from another litter. Sigrid acted like a big monster toward wide-eyed Stella at first:

Cissi was Stella’s great idol. This had happened with another cat which we had taken care of for a short while some years back. This was not surprising. Cissi was regal to the core, a true ruler of the house to us others (but a baby kitten when with my brother). Of course she had admirers!

Sigrid is also known as the Pig and the Dirt-Cat:

The red/yellow cat is Simba. An inbred evil cat which we took into our care. He attacks my feet constantly! But Sigrid likes to play with him, when he isn’t just annoying (which is most of the time):

Sigrid also likes to climb:

Did I mention all our cats are crazy?


Abecedar, now that is adorable. Great cat! :smiley:

Some new photo catches:

Do you have any memorable cat anecdotes or special pictures of cats to share? Then go ahead!

Here are some pictures from 2018 A.D. and forward which might enliven someone’s day:

Do you have any crazy cat stories or pictures to share? :smile:


Oh these are excellent! Love your cats


Not exactly crazy, more content and relaxed


Ah, cats :heart:
Even in the dark foreboding lands of Zharr Naggrund, cats are still beloved friends, family and masters.
Because Hashut has a cat…aptly named Catshut.
And just like Hashut’s most favored, the Noble Hobgoblin, the cats of Zharr Naggrund are just as likely to claw you in the back.
As much as I love cats, I’m allergic to them (damn you Nurgle and your vile curse).
But I’m always stopping to pet them and pay respect to our feline masters here in Thailand.
So I present to you the cats I’ve met here in Thailand

And the guardian angel who protects my Lambretta

And of course in Thailand, we naturally have Siamese Cats…gaze into my eyes mortal, and fear me.

:cat: :two_hearts:


@Abecedar : Beautiful!

@Fuggit_Khan : Wonderful cats there! Hail our feline overlords. :smiley:

Some more cat photos:


She doesn’t even care that I have to get to work on my BATG :sob:


@Jasko : Cats will always achieve primacy in the household. Such is the order of things, stable as a ziggurat. :smiley:

Stella has been playful today:



And… Not Gunna get much done just now


@Abecedar : Our feline overlords must be obeyed!




This little elf knocked over my cocktail drink the other night while out having drinks alongside a campfire…


@Fuggit_Khan : This is a privilege befitting of our feline overlords.

You should feel honoured by his deed. :hatoff:

Some cat pictures. Note Sigrid’s parody impressions of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam. I call if the Creation of Cat:

High ground!



i enjoyed scrolling through here more than i care to admit