On the Subject of Names. How did you get yours

AB-e-ZCEDARH. In a really gravelly voice.

or something like that.


Mhmmm, could you maybe upload an audio-recording? :thinking:


That sounds like you’re having a stroke haha


I was and still am really bad at coming up with names for my pen & paper characters. About 30 years ago (yes, I’m old!) a buddy (more by chance) started a role-playing group. I racked my brain for a cool name on the 40-minute bus ride to my buddy’s house, but couldn’t come up with anything suitable. I had a “KICKER” (a German sports magazine) with me and so I created a role-playing game name from two footballer names, namely Zanko Zvetanov dà Balakov. The role-playing game then crystallized as my (also retrospectively) still favourite role-playing game and Zanko became my favourite character by far. With the arise of the Internet, I needed a name again, so what could be more obvious than choosing the name of my favorite role-playing character? I stuck with it, even though I might choose a different name today.

@Admiral: I can very well understand your pain and frustration regarding your experiences with your “friends”. I have also lost so-called “friends” time and again for a variety of reasons, but I am able to live with this (even if I was “naturally” always the guilty party) because of my personality and put such experiences behind me.
However, what really got me down was that my son’s three best “friends”, who had been a close-knit community at school for almost 6 or 7 years, excluded him from one day to the next and declared him a pariah. Seeing my own son suffer so psychologically was really stressful and I still have psychological scars to this day.

And Matte, of course we will never exclude you from CDO, you are a part of us and that’s how it should stay. :beer:

Even if I find your rejection of alcohol a little strange … we’ll have to “work” on your preferences again! :smiley:


the straight edge X comes from all age punk gigs where underage people got a x put on their hand at the door with a sharpy so they couldn’t buy drinks at the bar.


Mine was based on this guy:

He was a legendary card from Magic: the Gathering back before it got so complicated that you need a degree in theoretical physics to play. I tried to use that as my very first screen name on American Online back in 1995, in the days of dialup internet.

Anyway, some other kid must have taken the name first because AOL suggested I replaced “shade” with 997. I’ve kept it since because why not.


LOL, yeah that really is the closest possible alternative :slight_smile:


I first started posting on-line as Nicodemus on one of my first forums that I could be bothered interacting with. It was (surprise, surprise) a HeroQuest forum - Agin’s Inn. The Wayback Machine has a lot of aginsinn.com and voy.com/10037/ archived, and some of my posts are still there. Oldest ones I could find were from 2002 I think, although I was definitely posting by 2000-2001. Incidentally, for those who are also HQ fans and have been over to forum.yeoldeinn.com it’s named “Ye Olde Inn” after Agin’s Inn.

I plucked my name straight out of the Secret of Nimh:

…as opposed to the biblical Nicodemus

…or the far cooler than any of us: Citadel Nicodemus model…



Hardcore! This place is a repository of entertainment gold. The Secret of Nimh was storytelling on a level which the kiddies don’t receive anymore.