Overwhelmed newbie needing purchasing advice

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a concise list of manufacturers (UK, EU, etc), that make Chaos Dwarves and companies I can buy 3d printed figures from. I don’t have a 3d printer or the space to put one. I’m not interested in trawling through ebay for expensive originals.

I’m aware of some manufacturers, e.g. Mantic, Admiralty Miniatures but am finding it quite tricky to find more as they all have different names for Chaos Dwarfs.

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Warhammer Armies Project has such a list for each faction in an excel file.

In general, many people here are using Russian Alternative, but currently you can’t order there for well known reasons. As for printed 3D files, you can always go to Etsy and look for the unit you want, you’ll find some LKM prints and then some more.

Also, welcome an everything!

MACROCOSM, ralpartha , old school miniatures, essex miniatures , norba, diehard miniatures, the assault group, westwind, titan wargames, mantic , forlornhope games, cp models

Thats most of the companies ive ordered from

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This list is a bit old, so it doesn’t include a lot of newer companies:

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Being on the PC now, I meant this list from WAP:


(It is rather recent, last year or so.)

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I assume you have gone through this list as well?(Its a wiki, so can be added/removed as they are relevant)

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It’s probably going to take a bit of research for you either way to figure out how you want to go about collecting CDs these days. But don’t be daunted - there are good options out there!

Are you rather going to get everything from one particular range or combine different sources? There are the issue of scale, style and degrees of detail of course, but some producers’ minis go quite well together.

For physical minis -

Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs - cheap, easily kitbashed plastics and some characterful sculpts

MOM Dark Dwarfs - some great heavy infantry, and some unique pieces like the chariot

Scibor - brutal, very large and with more of a Chaos Undivided feel

For STLs -

Lost Kingdom Magmhorin - the space programme of STLs

@Fabelzel - master of the vintage heroic Big Hat look

@Brawniac - bang on 90s aesthetics, new stuff to check out on his thread but not sure he is distributing STLs yet!


I would recommend caution when dealing with Etsy printers. My sample size is low, but the quality of prints i ordered have been low, slow, and flawed. Slaves with missing limbs (not as intended), cracked and bowed components, and the like. Read comments and weigh ratings vs price heavily.


Id absolutely consider investing in a resin printer vs buying an army via etsy printers…

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3D printing is a hobby by itself, and I understand all too well the space argument. ^^
With my seller I only had the time problem, the prints were alright, and after I was not happy with the scaling, we changed to sending test prints first.
So on the other hand, if you are planning to not print the whole army but only some units, buying them could still be the better option.

That’s why i said “an army” haha, i agree that getting a few models/units is cheaper short term. Printing an army, including the printer and resin, can be done for about 400 euro. There is a small learning curve, but doing your homework brings that to a minimum.

Thats including 2 or 3 litres of resin and a set of 3rd party stls.

And if you ever decide your unit is too small… you just print a few more. The real benefit iznt

The real financial gains happen when you print more then the one army. Just cant best the print prices, especially for horde armies.


Thank you for all of the replies everyone. As my gaming group is currently playing Warhammer Fantasy 6th edition, I am basically looking at models that would fit in with the Ravening Hordes list.

Thank you for the lists of manufacturers @Zoddtheimmortal @Kuanor @cornixt @tjub @chitzkoi
I’m definitely going to have a closer look through those lists.

@MichaelX I wish I had the space to set up a printer but due to my house I don’t have a dedicated hobby space but rather have to make sure I can pack everything away straight after I finish assembling or painting. I can see how printing your own figures would definitely be more economical over time though.

@Hashoooot I’m definitely going to be mixing and matching ranges. I was looking at the Mantic abyssal dwarf range for Chaos Dwarf warriors but definitely not going to use their halfbreed cavalry. I’m definitely tempted by Lost Kingdom.
For hobgoblins, I’m looking towards the Northstar Oathmark goblin range as they are so different from all the GW goblins I already own from back in the 90"s.

Thanks for your responses everyone.