Oxy’s Black Templars

The counts of monetfisto: 5 Templar “fist brethren”. Who needs swords when you can punch heretics in the face?


Oh wow, those models really are veterans! Some of my first models in there :laughing:

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So good, I like your style more every time I look! Very thematic. :slight_smile:

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True scaled some terminators for this army.

Started with some termies I’ve had knocking around for donks:

I then cut legs and torsos apart

Next I resculpted the mid rift , adding extra armour plates, to make them stand as tall or a tiny bit taller than a primaris marine.

I added the arms, slightly lower than normal (@Reaver ’s advice when I first mused about doing this months ago) to help with proportions

And finally I painted them!


Aaaaand a predator tank too!


Company standard bearer and emperor’s champion !


Your highlights are always so over the top but they work so well! good job!


Cheers mate! It’s all about the 3ft test haha. Minis look a bit extreme up close but look better on the battlefield from a distance for it


You know what? I need you to take a photo of the surroundings, all that background stuff you have there, because you have so much stuff I just can’t understand how much is that

Cuz I’d like to add some background to my stuff as well xD

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I just use my various battlemats and bits of scenery :slight_smile: