Oxy’s Black Templars

I painted up ten Templars this weekend. Fun little project.
Ive got ten more similiar to this so it’s a dangerous slippery slope. If I want more after that it will start to hurt the old BatG! Damn you magpie like compulsions!

Anyway - here is what I’ve painted. There may be more to follow!


I’m painting some space marines for a friend, a unit of 6.
Man it takes so fucking much to do anything, they are the most boring shit ever, I totally forgot how much I didn’t like them.plaoj flat and boring, just tubulars.

I really envy your consistency. I’ll shit even more in the shed for position to taken


Classic models, super nice paint job. Splendid

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Very easy to paint tbf. I mostly picked the chapter for that reason.

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Great job on these. Lovely detail and grit on the shoulder and knee pads!

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I created a hero to lead these guys using a stormcast model.


Ah yes, signarines indeed


Nicely spruced up Blormflarp Excrementor. Intrestin’ not only has he snagged an ork skull but he looted da black and white Chequers from da boyz as well


Checks and eyeballs - thems me specialty


Wonderfully painted Black Templars! Playful chequers, skull pauldrons and other varied symbols. So true to Blanche’s way of depicting Black Templars in particular, and most forces in general. You’ve given static models plenty of charm and personality, with your usual deft painter’s hand.

I’m impressed with how well the Sigmarine fit in with a packpack, weapon swaps, tabard and cohesive colour scheme. I’ve long planned to try something similar (helmeted; headgear is ever hot in my eyes) but didn’t expect the fit to be so seamless. Many AoS miniatures who are of no particular interest to most WHFB collectors are still wonderful material for 40k conversions, not least Kharadron Overlords.

Excellent start! I cross my fingers for some concluding background bits with photoshopped photos in your trademark characterful delivery of 40k/Necromunda logs. :smile:

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Thanks mate! Glad you picked up on the Blanche influences. I grew up with this rulebook:

And it definitely solidified my opinion of what a space marine should be. I want to veer away from the kinda special ops power rangers I feel they are often depicted as today and embrace the brainwashed child soldier turned murder-monk that I feel they really should be!


Ten more join the force!


Awesome, these marine really take me back. Great work Oxy.




To me Dreads are THE reason to collect space marines.

Now you need 8 more, minimum. Your dread to shed ratio is too low.


Wonderful paintjobs and lovely fanatic slogans and individual livery across all Marines and Dreadnaughts!

Will @Loidrial squat in the dread as well? As of Warhammer Community updates the recent days, that act may now have multi-layered meanings in 40k, none of which are mutually exclusive. :smiley:

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been there, done that. quite comfy if i may say.
it gives a feeling of warmth and cozyness. Feels like squatting in your special place.
recomended already on Squatdivisor.com


First tank rolls out of the manufacturom (two more to go)


I like the cross on top , v nice. I have a wrecked rhino for my squats, just have to wait snd see if it is useable with the new rules…


Love the old school rhino, don’t see those alot these days! I have a few of those converted with my all metal Sister’s army! The paint job looks great and the cross really brings it into your scheme.