Putting admiralty miniatures relief plates to use

So I have these small ikea ribba frames that I always intended to turn into small dioramas to hang on my wall but I never actually started making them.

The Admiralty miniatures relief plates I bought from @Admiral are the perfect centerpiece for a small two story underground tunnel diorama.

It fits perfectly!

I filled the holes in the diorama, glued them in place and added some air dry paper maché clay to act as cave walls and flagstone flooring. The ugly transitions will be covered with detail bits.

Next I made some picture frame strips that match the triangle pattern on the relief itself.

And glued them on.

I’ll be adding to the blog whenever I get further along.

I’m thinking about doing some sort of chorf merchant deal in the top floor and a greenskin backstabbing or use my AC prize and have the squig be on the run and some hobgoblins chasing it on the bottom floor. Now… if you have any better ideas… let me know…

I could also do a forge on one floor…


Ooh I love this. Watching with interest.

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This looks excellent, can’t wait to see how it develops.

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What you should do for the dioramas it have a bunch of tourists of various races looking at them with a CD museum guide giving them a tour. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What I cool idea, can’t wait to see this take shape

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I spray painted it all black and noticed some of the filled in holes standing out a lot, so I took my dremel and a small Spherical router bit and ground a few dimples to the greenstuff and resin to blend it in. Worked like a charm!


First layers of paint on the stone. It’s still wet…


This is a true treat to behold. Good work on the frames! I look forward a lot to see how this all turns out. You have no idea how eagerly I’ve waited for someone to show fully painted pictures of both plates, set in their proper scenery. :smiley:

The holes in the plate are a result of the thin plates risking suction in the mould destroying the casting. As such, the casters at Zealot Miniatures drilled holes in blank spaces to act as support pillars. I’ll try to fill them in if it is ever to get scanned and turned into 3D-files.

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Luckily filling them in isn’t too hard, and they’re drilled in the right spaces.

I’ll probably switch between this and the GH entry for the next few days. Next week I’ll have to finish my thousand sons for a kill team battle next month.


Is the current state.


The first models printed and ready for paint.

And a bit more painting progress


It’s all coming alive. Fantastic! Neat colour picjs as well. :smiley:

Those are Lost Kingdom bazaar Maghmôrin, right? LKM has the best of the best, including extremely good accesories to bring the world of evil stunties to life.

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Yes they are :slight_smile: from their kickstarter. I’ve always wanted to use these and this is a great opportunity. Might also do a unit filler with these.


I’m calling the background done.

Now the characters!


Really enjoying watching this take shape and this is just the background too!! Would be worthy of framing just by itself


It is! And I’m also dreading covering it up with models :upside_down_face:


The first characters are done.

I’ll add some more details and bits eventually, future for now I’m moving on to other things.


Love it!
Great job mate, very cool paintjob it’s great to see so much detail picked out on 3d prints

I really like the idea that bit by bit, maybe in between projects, you can just come back and add to this and we’ll see it get more and more populated as it goes on


I have a kill team battle the 14th and I want my thousand sons to be ready by then. I’ll work on those and the GH intermittently. Whenever I’m inspired to add to this I’ll add something and post it. I’ve also figured out how I want tk make the bottom part look, but I’m not sure if I can make it work…


It looks glorious so far!

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That came out sick!! Bloody well done mate! :hatoff: :beer: