Pyroven gets a baby Magmadroth model 4 years later - Vulkyn Flameseekers

Pyroven polls r/bugmansbrewery 4 years ago.

Pyroven continues to campaign two years later.

Finally, a baby magmadroth model.

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I will now accept the deserved rewards for the sole responsibility for the creation of this model, thank you. It’s been a long and hard fight, full of two offhand comments and almost two years of completely forgetting I wanted it to happen, but my efforts have not gone unanswered.


GW’s corporate strategy for the year is a single bullet point that reads “what if every release had a cute pet”


Well it worked for Nintendogs

SMH, whip dude forgot to pack his shoulder mounted egg refrigerators. Not sure how meta the shoulder mounts would be in a egg on spoon in mouth race.

He’d also make a good blood bowl thrower if you painted those eggs like leathery sportsballs.

Looking forward to the OnlyPets FOMO box.

no this is the same mistake @Jasko made.

you don’t sell the pets together, that defeats the entire point.

you sell between one and three pets in every £120-£175 boxed product (stab grot, pot grot, tiny Screamers), every £25-£45 solo character (Yvraine’s cat, Makari), every £30-£40 Kill Team (the cyber mastiff, the CAT drone, the servo skull), and every Squad box (the teleport homer, the eldar sniper statue), and every £26 Underworlds warband (monkeys, crabs, doggos, etc., etc.).

that way to get all the pets for the year costs you £8000.


Oh I’m aware. Contrary to me only ever sending gifs in discord, I did read the conversation and fish hopped in the boat, fish fish,., ,., .)… The fomo box would obviously be a bundle of all sprues that have a pet on them as you stated. Which would then be priced accordingly. maybe they’d give a 10 pound discount off the 8000 for warhammer+ subscribers.

I need them to execute their business model in this manner so I have the opportunity to undercut them by 90% when I launch Reaver’s familiars the pet box - Hope you wanted squids*.

* pelvis fused skeletons with noses not sold separately (or at all)

i’m just horrified at the volume of pets/companions one is able to list without looking anything up

It has become out of control since the fish left the water.