Pyroven's Evil Dwarves

So the other day I decided “I’m going to start my Chaos Dwarf army now.”

I’ve posted these first few images to the Discord, but I’m reposting them here too to start the blog. In all likelihood, this will be a slow and infrequently updated blog. With my Karak Brun(Updated Link) I tend to average painting about 2 models per month, so without particular steam I will likely be similar in output with my Chaos Dwarfs.

Alas, here are my first few assembled models, along with the beginnings of the Slave Necromancer cage.

Muties, Towerhead, Klagg Morghrief and Grimstonefire Sorcerer

Slave Necromancer WIP Part 1

The Necromancer is from the Warlords of Erehwon Rulebook. All the other models can be found in my BATG blog.

The idea with the caged Necromancer is that his model will function as a unit filler in a big unit of skeletons which can proxy as slave goblins.

Chaos Dwarfs, having discovered a weak necromancer in a town where they were gathering tribute, saw an opportunity to save oneselves of the need for a Sorcerer’s petrification. The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Azaz-kun cast a spell on him, placing his life’s security into a jar by which they could blackmail the human necromancer. Entirely at the whim of the Chaos Dwarfs, the Necromancer is now transported in a cage to wherever the Chaos Dwarf armies could use numerical reinforcements, at his back a Dwarf Guard holds a mace over his life-jar. If ever the Necromancer steps out of line, or if even the necromancer were to successfully kill his guard, the mace would be dropped upon the fragile existence of the dead-turner.

Not for my future self: Put skulls on the spikes

Also of use would be any suggestions for how to sculpt/find good wheels without owning a 3D printer.


This is looking amazing. Oh and great fluff to support it!


oh man what a beautiful unit! :cd1980:
and wth is that abomination on wheels??? looks great already! huahuahua

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Nice choice of minis. Longing to see some splash of color on them.

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Slave Orcs WIP - Part 1

For my slave orcs, I’ll be using my Kruleboyz from :it: Dominio :it:. I find them to be perfect for the role, and in fact I believe they were perhaps originally even meant for the role, and I plan to make a post or a video about it some day.
Unfortunately, they rank up very poorly and I’m still not sure how to do so.

Fortunately, on the other hand, the Hobgrots rank up beautifully. The time-honoured tradition of centring the model by length and then throwing the weapons into the corners and the between-lines allows for almost any grot to sit abreast almost any other.

Slave Hobgrots WIP - Part 1


Never heard of it.


Great blog shaping up here @Pyroven


Looking forward to seeing it grow!


After many weeks, I have now put paint to some models for my Chorfs, including an unpublishable golden hat entry of my army’s lavish and decadent general.

Skeletons for the necromancer to wield:

(These skeletons of course need based properly)

A WIP Dwarf Sorcerer whose cape will imitate the Runescape Fire Cape.


Necromancer and undead dwarfs have been on my mind since about this contest! Really cool to see someone doing the Vanhel Danse. Nice work.

Got a link for these lovely skellies? For a friend. I know you’ve mentioned it twice now and I forgot to google between brush licks each time.


They’re from Macrocosm, who had a surprising variety of different Dwarf Skeletons and Undead Dwarfs in different aesthetics and seemingly from different sculptors, primarily due to their Bonefields skirmish game, however they appear to now be discontinued, as I’ve looked through the whole website and can find none.

I’ve messaged them on Facebook to see what the situation is, because I would like to get some more at some point to make a usable unit of 20+.

In their Dark Dwarfs range, they are the current retailer of @Hotstuff’s Clagg Morgrief as well as the £50 massive Dark Dwarfs Dark Tower.

They also sell Hobgoblins.


Laavely, OSM also has some nice dead dwarfs that have had me thinkin on it recently. Although I probably don’t need to tell you this. Could fill out the unit some though.


Macrocosm responded on Facebook about the Undead Dwarfs:

Hi, they have moved to a new home and the owner should be releasing them soon… I will keep you informed as I can.


Most stuff goes to cp models. We shallsee…


Another glorious Towerhead entry! And another lost spike on pommel-man :laughing:

Great work! Love the gold ornaments

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Got some good superglue so Towerhead now has his shield attached. Really happy with how the shield turned out.

Sorcerer’s cloak becomes more abominable as i try different things with it.

Two more muties done in the quantity over quality style.

Lots of progress by my standards!


My arse feels like that cloak sometimes


I don’t think I want to know any more details! :wink:


Can you remind me where this model was from? :pc02:

Four A Miniatures - Towerhead

That’s the official company’s ebay.