Artisan's Contest XXXIV - Voting!

“Impale them!”

Old School Miniatures presents: The voting thread for the 34th Artisan’s Contest on Chaos Dwarfs Online!

How to vote:
Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to the @GoldenHat account (a special account all Staff members can access).

Each (more or less) anonymous entry is numbered ranging from 1 to 17. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like and we will do the rest. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

Voting will close at 11:59 PM May the 31st, 2022 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone). Once the votes are tallied we will post the results.

Album of Images


Blubberborne of The Great Tusked One

The Outer Gods of the Dvergar are poised to rumble into the fray of battle. As their following grew, so did their power. No longer shall they be repressed! From the North a war cry booms across the land. Blubber for the blubber god!


Hammy and Eggz

Something, Something… when pigs fly.

Starting from the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on Lammassu, or the named character Zhatan the Black on Lammassu.

So now to name the thing. Sorcerer on Mantiboar (Manticore+Boar)?

I think I will stick with Eggzerrach the Lost on Hammassu. The Lost as they constantly argue over direction.

Hammy and Eggz are more lost than Darbakh and Raggrund.



Bang. Scream. Bang. Cries. Bang. Splat. Repeat.
The rythm of the torturesmiths are never ceasing and music only to their own ears and a song so beautiful nobody else can comprehend but their own tormented minds.

These Chaos Dwarfs makes infernal weapons alongside the daemonsmiths. It is tiresome work hammering worthless flesh until days death. But the torturesmiths are happy to do it. They are the cogs of Hashuts train of travesty and nothing in the old world or the next can stop it


Boar Centaur with Decimator Bow

This is a quick render created using Hero Forge. There are limited options so it looks more like a Bull Centaur than a Boar Centaur but it conveys the idea well enough.

A short piece of fluff:

The maniacal grin of a finished pavaise shield stared back at Thymbrin Snakebeard as he worked in the dying candlelight of his workshop. His stiff back cracked as he got to his feet to admire his latest work. He didn’t know what it was going to be for, but he had always enjoyed carving the last sight many of his foes would ever see. Maybe it would be used for a chariot or a new Land Train, the mobile artillery platform and troop carrier he had designed as a successor to the Juggernaut. The workshop was adorned with many hints of his previous successes. A barrel full of Whirlwind blades sat beside the forge, Tenderiser hammers hung from racks on the walls, and freshly cast Perforator drills lay in heaps on the floor. A selection of large mechanical ballista arms were propped up in the corner, remnants of the Decimator experiment, a war machine he never managed to get working properly.

As he admired his work and thought of all the glorious deaths they had caused, and all the gruesome deaths they were yet to bring, the bundle of ballista collapsed to the ground with a screeching clang of metal. The snake protruding from his beard would usually have alerted him to the presence of an intruders, but the old snake had long since gone blind and instead spent most of its time sleeping. He felt safe in his own workshop though, surrounded by some of the most terrible weapons that had ever been birthed into this world. Whoever had thought to break into his workshop would soon come to regret it. He may be in his twilight years, but a blunderbuss could still wipe out anything at short enough range.

Whoever it was wasn’t making any attempt at being quiet. As he approached the dark corner, he soon spotted the intruder.

“How did you get out of the pens?” Thymbrin asked of the infant Boar Centaur that was playing with the pile of ballistae like a Hobhound would play with a heap of bones. He was about to prod the juvenile out of the workshop with his walking stick, but watching the boar centaur roll around on the ground, kicking and tossing the unwieldy bows as if they were nothing but kindling, sparked an idea within him. He had always thought of the Boar Centaurs as simple creatures, bred for nothing more than strength and the ability to follow instructions, to blindly charge into glorious battle, but the later generations were becoming increasingly intelligent. It would be a waste to relegate them to war machine crew.

Thymbrin scurried back to his workbench, lit new candles and got to work on tweaking the Decimators design. The thought of a hoard of Boar Centaurs wielding them as bows, eclipsing the sun with their spear-like arrows, filled him with vigour, made him feel a hundred years younger. He would live to see at least one more of his creations brought to life yet.


Chaos Dwarf Behemoth

Designed by Thymbrin Snakebeard


Chaos Dwarf Dervish of Khorne

Consumed by religious ecstasy and full-frothing bloodlust, Chaos Dwarf Khornate dervishes throw themselves stark naked into battle, swinging maces left and right in insane furor. Round and round they go, spinning like tops of doom. Only death will make them stop.


Scorpion Centaur

The idea was to create an alternative Chaos Dwarf Centaur hero. The size of the model can vary from 25 x 50 mm, over 40 x 40 mm up to 75 x 50 mm bases. The model should be a bit more dynamic => half raised, with open scissors and a halberd as a weapon.

The model is only intended as an example of the direction in which the design should go on the whole.



Penal Regiment

In eons past, those Dawi Zharr who had transgressed against society, had failed or shamed their clans somehow would be given the option of serving in the Penal Regiment to expiate their sins. If they survived the allotted battles, in what was basically an expendable regiment could then return to their clans properly cleansed of the shame etc.

In later centuries, these numbers of these type of occurrences dwindled as Dawi Zharr society tended to a quicker and more permanent solution in most cases.

Lately though, a phenomenom has occurred that has been solved by the re-creation of the Penal Regiment. Frequently in these later years, has seen many Dawi Cousins have come to the Dark Lands begging for admittance into Dawi Zharr society. They have realized the truth inherent in the Darkness of Hashut having seen to the heart of the deceit in the dwarven empire. They are placed in a penal regiment to prove themselves worthy in battle.

Their hair and beards are bleached white with streaks of green through their lengths. A calculated insult as the colours resemble a piece of lettuce stuck in-between an elf’s teeth. A supplicant who is continually successful in battle can get their hair and beards gradually re-dyed red, then black signifying the stains of their previous life being wiped away. Not many survive but its fun watching them try.

The Musicians can only play a Death March or a Danse Macabre.


Death Roller

Pushed into battle by a Boar Centaur, the Death Roller flattens all before it.

A larger version is pushed by a pair of centaurs while two crossbow-armed Chaos Dwarfs snipe at the enemy from behind the mantlet.


Pump Tank

For WFB 2nd Edition

Dawi Zharr warriors moved across the smoke-obscured remains of the battlefield looking to see which of their comrades could be saved and which of their goblinoid foes had enough life in them to be worth enslaving. Although their victory had been inevitable, the toll had been far higher than expected.

Luftblast Rottentusk stood next to the remains of the unusual machine that had caused so many deaths amongst the ranks of the Chaos Dwarves. An open framed horseless carriage, it was inelegant, but its destructive potential had been proved. Yes, there was potential here.

Luftblast lifted the corpse of a diminutive goblinoid and discarded it as he pondered the dimensions of the construct, seeking to isolate it in his mind from the ruins of the Tenderiser with which it had become entangled in the final stages of the battle.

The propulsion mechanism, a form of pumping handle, was novel. The speed with which the machine had hit the Dawi Zharr lines, powered by only the Snotlings’ muscles, spoke for the efficiency of the device. With the motive force of a pair of Chaos Dwarves there was definite scope to add armour and weaponry to the basic chassis. He, Luftblast Rottentusk would take on the task and build a machine to rank his name alongside the foremost Dawi Zharr sorceror-engineers.

Thus the pump tank was born, inspired not by the Empire’s steam-driven devices but from the more humble origins of Grim Warpspanner’s contraption, stolen by Snotlings and pressed into service by the Orcs of the Splintered Bone tribe.

Early models were over-engineered, their stone porches adding unnecessary weight and construction time. Replacement with corrugated metal solved these problems, whilst the addition of extra viewports aided the crew’s vision. The initial armament of breach-loading swivel gun and pintle-mounted blunderbuss proved more than adequate for the new machine’s deployment.


Bluebeards’ Clan Lava Cannon

Bluebeard’s engineers have nor moral nor tradition constraints when it comes to create evil machines of war.

Flesh and metal can be bound together, unspoken daemons can be fused into burning metal to feed machines with their eternal pain and hatred, massive guns powered by gunpowder are crafted in the furnaces deep under the clan’s keep.

The Daemonsmiths and Infernal Engineers of this ancient clan provide this twisted mockeries of Dwarf creativity to the clan’s mighty armies or to clients willing to pay the highest prizes. Gold, souls, slaves, no price seems to scare who want the precious services of the Bluebeards’ clan’s creations.

The Lava Cannon is provided with an internal powerful furnace. Nobody knows which force powers it. Somebody says coal or stone oil, others blood of slaves, rumors even say in each machine there’s a daemon locked inside. Who really knows but the twisted minds of their creators?

The extreme heat of the warmachine is channeled by a complicated system of tubes and can melt almost everything. Somebody claims to have seen molten metal or lava spitted by the enormous gun of the Lava Cannon. For sure the victims of this machine die a miserable death, burned alive by a rain of fire.


Chaos Dwarf Necromancer


Evil Dwarf Heavy Infantry (Spearman)


Kârr af Nat Gramin on Giant Fire Newt Bûdrak

Kârr af Nat Gramin rode his giant Fire Newt Bûdrak to the front line of the massive attack force. The Ewal beast let out a chilling hiss, and as it struggled against the chains its two heads exchanged a leering grin – soon there would be time to hunt, kill and feed.

The Warlord turned his mount around to face his soldiers and sound the attack. As he pulled out his sword in preparation his gaze – and those of his men – fixed upon it with doubt. Ever so slowly, Kârr af Nat Gramin lowered his weapon and placed his helmeted head in the palm of his left hand. How could his attendants have missed this when checking his gear? It seemed impossible to find good help these days… As he sheathed the toy weapon that surely belonged to his accursed offspring, he let out a disappointed sigh and said in a low voice that scarcely carried across the soon to be battle ground: “-Give ‘em Hell boys. And if you survive, you can look forward to the amusing execution of my page as a celebration of our glorious Victory”

Kârr af Nat Gramin is an Ewal Dwergar warlord who rides his giant Fire Newt Bûdrak into battle. The sourcerously twisted beast is gifted with two bickering heads, evil intellects and a pair of giant appetites. Kârr rides the beast on a war throne that’s been nailed onto the back of the fire breathing amphibian. When they enter a fray Kârr gives their enemies the first strike using his trusted lance and should close combat become necessary he draws his sword and cuts his foes down like blades of grass before a scythe.


Snail Chariot


Furrigan Four Feet & the Boary Boys

From the grim north they came. To loot, pillage & murder. This small warband took up their grim weapons and fought their way to freedom. led by their leader Furrigan Four Feet. Furrigan had had enough of slavery & thralldom at the hands of the Chaos Dwarfs. He and his brothers would pull no more war engines!

They struck out and carved a niche for themselves, raiding villages & small hamlets along the border kingdoms. They are still at large, with Furrigan & his band having a huge price on their heads, by Chaos Dwarfs and Humans alike!

Remember, this round there are lots of prizes up for grabs!

Huge thanks to @MichaelX for creating a border tool to add borders to images.

Great job everyone and good luck!
The Staff


Blown away by all the cool entries! Great work! :hatoff:


Excellent stuff guys, the creativity on display here is staggering. All of these deserve to be actual models that i can buy.


REeeeeeeeee porco dio guys wtf is all this madness?!?


. …:boom:
. …:bomb:
:shock0: .

Bravi you all!


Fantastic turnout and a great variety of entries, I’m always blown away by the hobby potential and ingenuity of this community!

Good work everybody, I’m excited to see the result of the competition :smiley:


Loving the sublime and ridiculous about these entries! One repeating theme is we need a thymbrin snakebeard model!
Is he the only named helm chaos dwarf character?

I will look at all these again and again before i vote thats for sure.

Well done everyone


lovely work and great ideas in all the entries. well done.


Holy F—! Amazing.

Only 3 votes? I don’t even know where to begin. These are all incredible. The time, effort and thought that went into these is beyond measure. Absolutely brilliant work from all of the entrants. Really unmatched quality here.


Floored by these! Great (and varying) works of art, fun accompanying text. Good turnout as always folks.


All great entries everyone! nice job


The entries shown here once again painfully show me how uncreative I am. :disappointed_relieved: I would never have thought of most of the ideas even in my wildest dreams, simply brilliant!

Now I’m curious to see how the election will turn out. I still have no idea who to vote for, nor do I have a real favourite for 1st place! :thinking:


Enthroned Frurndar borne aloft by Daemons and Chaos Dwarfs surfing on Screamers would seem to suggest otherwise, @Zanko . You certainly have a creative knack and an ability to think outside the box. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have thought of a fair number of the ideas here either, and I’m known as a quick fountain of wild and varied ideas amongst my friends. That’s the beauty with contests like these: Even when you have a ton of different ideas, you’ll still get to see a great many you wouldn’t have thought of at all.


Agreed completely, it is not possible to put the armies of @Zanko in any one box. No spiritual box by nature of the abundance of diversity and creativity can contain the madness.

Certainly not a physical box due to the sheer quantity…


A most glorious display! Congratulations to all entrants. :hatoff:


Reviews incoming- I started with Warhammer with 8th edition. As soon as AOS became available I dropped 8th like a bad habit. Life got into the way of playing more AOS a little after the first general’s handbook. Then along came Blood Bowl. I only have to paint 11-16 players and I have a team? Done. Not ever looking back at Warhammer/Age of Sigmar. So all of my reviews will be based on how I would use them in Blood Bowl.

1 Blubberborne of the Great Tusked One- We get a two for with this one, both the Dwarf riding the walrus, and the Walrus Centaur. This is absolutely gorgeous. This concept could do a lot for the AOS, as a credible threat and enemy to the Idoneth Deepkin. If only GW had a coherent vision. Anyway I don’t care about AOS, but a water themed Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf Team would be incredible and unique. These guys as the Centaurs, some Pirate Dwarf Blockers, or wearing old school diving suits. Maybe some Mer-Goblins, created by the Torturesmiths of entry 3. Instead of a minotaur, maybe a Street Sharks style Sharkotaur.

2 Hammy and Eggz- When pigs fly indeed! A lot of fun, got a duo with some personality, that would make a great Star player duo for Blood Bowl. The entry says they’re arguing over direction, but as Star Players, they could just be hamming it up (pun intended) and pointing at the crowd. A Star Player Duo similar to the Swift Twins or Grak and Crumbleberry, where they are expensive, but really complement each other and the teams they are on.

3 Torturesmiths- I love this album! Great art here and a brilliant concept. The Bass Player gets some great sound out of that Sickenbacker 4003 hammer with Walnut Haft. Brilliant Artwork, could work as an album cover, and works even better to show off how great this concept really is. These guys would be great Chaos Dwarf Blockers, as long as I get some Hobgoblins with some really great screaming and terrified faces.

4 Boar Centaur with Decimator Bow- This almost inspired me to change my review habit from Blood Bowl and change it to trying to match them up with Zodiac Signs. These Sagittarius looking Centaurs would be an incredible center piece to any Chaos Dwarf Team. The armour and cybernetics is like if Iron Man, Hawkeye had a 3 way with a shapeshifted Loki, and this is the awesomeness world ender that was produced. A super hero themed Chaos Dwarf Team would be super awesome.

5 Chaos Dwarf Behemoth- I enjoy that there is two sizes for this, one being run on the power of a Centaur, and one being powered by a Behemoth Demon. The mock ups are amazing, and this is an incredibly cool concept. This got me thinking, would I use this as a Deathroller for a regular Dwarf Team (on the verge of turning to Chaos), or would I attempt to come up with a Dwarven Union team? Why would the Chaos Dwarfs work with the Dwarfs? Because if the Elves can work together in a Union, there is no way the Dwarfs are going to be outdone by those scrawny knife eared wimps.

6 Chaos Dwarf Dervish of Khorne- I love this drawing, there is so much personality here. Absolutely stunning job here, with a brilliant concept. He even has a genitalia dangling ball and chain, which makes this so much funnier. This guy could be used in place of any ball and chain, like Fungus the Loon, or Kreek Rustgouger, but could be a Star Player in his own right.

7 Scorpion Centaur- This is a wonderful idea and mock up. Really brings a whole new world of bug themed chaos into it all. Incredible concept that could bring out a whole new faction of Chaos Dwarfs. Having a Bug Themed Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team, with these guys as the Centaurs, maybe some Dwarf Blockers growing mandibles instead of tusks, and little 4 armed 6 eyed Hobgoblins, and instead of a minotaur, some sort of large thorax queen bug.

8 Flame Crab Drawn Chariot- The artwork is gorgeous here. We have another cyclopean Chaos Dwarf this time pulled in a chariot of Flaming Crabs or Spiders. The colours here are amazing. It doesn’t always need to be dark, dreary, and grimdank in the Chaos Dwarf realm. A Blood Bowl Team with the Chariots acting as Centaurs, maybe only drawn by 2 flame crabs to keep them under 40 mm, with the Flame Crabs taking the place of Hobgoblins, and a Fireborn taking the place of the minotaur. Cyclopean Chaos Dwarf Blockers, and using the entry from number 6 as their favoured star player.

9 Penal Regiment- This whole concept is great. Giving these wayward Dwarfs a chance to fight alongside the elite Chaos Dwarfs, through humiliation and death marches. Amazing concept, great mock up, These models look so good, and the concept of the green streaked beard to represent lettuce stuck in Elf teeth is hilarious. With Blood Bowl these guys would make for an amazing Dwarf Team, paired with Entry #5 or #10 for either the Dwarven union concept, or a team of Dwarfs playing their way to a Chaos Dwarf Team.

10 Death Roller- Obviously as this is a Blood Bowl Position, I was instantly drawn to this one. That Boar Centaur Drawing is one of my favourite things in this contest. It’s adorable and simple design just gives it so much character. Once again putting this on a regular Dwarf Team to give them a Chaos Dwarf Twist would be amazing. It would be an incredibly unique team, and would make me hate the regular Dwarf team much less, simply because it would now be awesome.

11 Pump Tank- Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb. The mock ups here are absolutely stunning. Absolutely Brilliant. Their Bomb/Technodrome shape is great. Hits that retro feel. I think that I would absolutely use these to convert a Snotling Team into a Hobgoblin Team with these as the pump wagons. Replace the Troll with a Minotaur, all of the snotlings with some shorter hobgoblins, and the funhopper with a wolf rider. This would be an incredibly fun and unique team.

12 Bluebeards’ Clan Lava Cannon- The design on this is absolutely classic. So much more than just a steam train, but it has that aesthetic, which just makes it so great. The concept is so cool, imbued with the power of screaming demons, you could envision how absolutely brilliant this is. Making a Lava Cannon into a Deathroller for a Fiery Dwarf team, or into a pumpwagon for a fiery Snotling team, would make such a unique team. Having all of the Snotlings being on fire makes this a hilarious concept.

13 Chaos Dwarf Necromancer- I can’t even describe how amazing this is. This is the kind of professional art that should be in an official book. Having a necromancer bring the dead slaves back as zombies so they can continue to serve in death. What an amazing idea. So brilliant. I love the concept so much, I want this Necromancer as the head coach for my Necromantic Horror Blood Bowl Team. Having a team of Necromancer Chaos Dwarfs, with Skeletons or Zombies instead of Hobgoblins. A giant bone golem instead of a Minotaur. Would be such an amazing alternate team.

14 Evil Dwarf Heavy Infantry- This artwork could be right at home, or slightly too good for a 1980’s D&D book. Heavy infantry is always great. These guys just tanking so much damage. My favourite part is in the Mockup. This dwarf is wearing 200 lbs. of armour, however, is wearing open toe shoes! Come at me bro, just watch where you step. This concept is amazing, and I would be absolutely proud to show off a whole Chaos Dwarf Team of Heavy Infantry Dwarfs, really shows off how tough and hard to kill they actually are.

15 Karr af Nat Gramin on Giant Fire Newt Budrak- Another one that would be an amazing concept for AOS. Something akin to the Fyreslayers on Magmadroth, but better because it is Chaos Dwarfs, and a two headed Newt. When I first viewed it on mobile, I thought the tongue in the top right picture was a cigar, which would be hilarious, but the tongue is amazing. Absolutely gorgeous mock up, and wonderful concept. This is absolutely smashing model and I would love to see it on the table. Would probably like to see this as a Star Player. Similar in scope to Hakflem, just bigger and tougher, can handle the ball, has two heads, but can absolutely smash the opposition without problem.

16 Snail Chariot- I can’t even describe the joy that this snail drawn chariot brings me. This is an absolutely gorgeous mock up, and an awesome concept. It is so brilliant. Just inspires so much for other units to support this. Chaos Dwarfs with Tentacle beards, Mer-goblins, Angler Fish Cannons, so many ideas. Much like Entry #1 this would be perfect to go onto a team of underwater Chaos Dwarfs, to fight Idoneth Deepkin, or a water based Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team. I would pair this with the Walrus Centaurs, and use this as my Minotaur, just using the Chariot as a Howdah on top of the snail to keep it onto a 40 mm base. This would make for such an awe-inspiring team.

17 Furrigan Four Feet & the Boary Boys- A heroic and outlaw Centaur, do I even need to say more? What an amazing concept. The artwork is brilliant, the concept, ideas and storylines this inspires is just so awesome. I would absolutely make this fellow a Star Player. A special ability that reflects the boys and the bounty on his head. Something like when Furrigan is removed from play for any reason other than death, the Boary Boys break him out and Furrigan may continue as part of the game. If Furrigan is sent off because of death, your coach gains the reward from the wanted poster. Immediately gain petty cash equal to Furrigan’s cost and spend them on inducements to replace Furrigan.

I still haven’t voted yet, because I genuinely have no idea which way to vote. Literally every one of these has something that inspires me, and boiling it down to 3 is doing my head in.


Another proof we are THE BEST race in Warhammer world and such a creative community. Kudos to all participants, now the hard task to choose the best 3 of them. I already feel the pain in the brain. Better slaughter a couple of slaves to relax before starting :cd1990:


Ok voted! It’s a shame some pics are bit lost in pixels when cropping them, few needed to be checked twice (like mine instance xD)

Very curious about the outcomes, there is so much going on!


Delightfully wonderful entries!
As @Zanko already said, these ideas and sheer breadth of creativity is beyond anything I could’ve thought of…and I especially like the fun filled commentary that was added.
And #1 is absolutely amazing, it took me a few moments to realize it has interchangeable parts…damn that’s cool.
@Reaver haha! Oh yes, CDs have the best parties to be sure, love it :sweat_smile:
…perhaps a future Golden Hat can have a CD party theme.
Anyways, well done everyone!
Now comes the hard part, choosing my favorites.


The decision wasn’t easy, but after some thought and consideration I finally decided! My vote is in and I’ve sent it!


So my girlfriend asked what I wanted to do today?
I told her I need to decide on three votes for CDO.
She replied that should be easy enough, and then I showed her all the entries…her eyes popped open and then she said "Really? You have to pick three? Impossible! ".
Well, I changed my mind four times during deciding, and I’m still not entirely sure if I’m overlooking something cleverly done…but my votes are in.
I love all of you for the fantastic entries.
And I hate all of you for making me wrack my brain to decide which ones to vote for.
But I guess true CDs are a paradox of love and hate.
Great work everyone!
Hashut abides :taurus1: