Artisan's Contest XXXIV - Winners!

“Stomp them good!”

Old School Miniatures Presents: The winners of the 34th Artisan’s Contest!

We had a stellar turnout of entries, with submissions spanning from characters on monsters, torturers and centaurs, to warmachines and chariots. It was great to see all these wild and weird Chaos Dwarf creations!

And the winners are:




1st Place - Golden Hat Winner: Entry #1 - @Reaver
2nd Place - Silver Hat Winner: Entry #17 - @Atom
3rd Place - Bronze Hat Winner: Entry #13 - @forgefire

And an honourable mention to @Zoddtheimmortal and @denelian5 , who trailed bronze closely!

The entry key!

01 - @Reaver
02 - @Bowser
03 - @LaketideMiniatures
04 - @PyroStick
05ab - @Zoddtheimmortal
06 - @Admiral
07 - @Zanko
08 - @Vapo
09 - @Abecedar
10 - @Freakshow668
11 - @twisted.moon
12 - @Bassman
13 - @forgefire
14 - @Anzu
15 - @denelian5
16 - @Loidrial
17 - @Atom

Medals are incoming, thanks to the sterling efforts of @Oxymandias who carried over old CDO medals to CDO Discourse badges! Should you have earned a new Veteran’s Medal (gained at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 main contests entered), please contact us and link us all your entries in all previous Golden Hat and Artisan’s Contest competitions on both old and new CDO (note: Scribe’s Contest does not count towards this purpose, but have its own Veteran Scribe’s Medal).

And now for the prizes!

First off, @Reaver with his outlandish Blubberborne of the Great Tusked One will receive a £50 OSM voucher, courtesy of @oldschoolminis :

For his Furrigan Four Feet & the Boary Boys, @Atom carries home a £20 OSM voucher, courtesy of @oldschoolminis :

Whereas @forgefire, for his Necromancer artwork, will grab a £10 OSM voucher, courtesy of @oldschoolminis :

While @PyroStick wins a random draw prize of an Eastern Dwarf Sorcerer & Assistant plus Saruhan Command, courtesy of @chitzkoi :

And finally @Vapo wins a random draw prize of an unpainted kit of Tjubbutaur Herd from @Tjub:

Old School Miniatures’ own pick, to be sculpted by John Pickford, will be revealed here in due time.

A big “thanks” to everyone who participated and voted, as well as a big thanks to our sponsors @oldschoolminis and @chitzkoi !

And that’s it for this round of Artisan’s Contest. All entrants are encouraged to post their work elsewhere on the forum and present it, whether in army logs, a story & background thread (if the artwork have accompanying writing), an art thread or some other thread they might conjure up. :wink:

Next up, Golden Hat!

The Staff


Congratulations to the winners! Those are amazing entries and I honestly had troubles selecting just three.

@Reaver Are you planning to digitize your entry along with your other sculpts?


Congrats to the winners! Well deserved, and as always a difficult vote. ^^

@Admiral do we know when and if OSM will be picking their winner? That result is as exciting to see as the community’s vote. :smirk:


I’ve poked them twice about it, first when entries were revealed and then yesterday the day before voting deadline. Life can be busy. They’re discussing it with their marketing team, and I hope we will soon find out. :smile:


Excellent stuff, congratulations!


Stellar entries all, congrats!


Congratulations to the winners. I was pretty convinced reaver would win this with his amazing sculpt. I couldnt get past entry 1 for ages, brilliant!

Atom taylors excellent boar centaurs actually exist in model form, maybe it is a hint to osm to release them?
Lovely drawing.

Forgefires great picture, for something you weren’t happy with too…amazingly talented. Nice one.

If i had to vote for what should actually be cast and released by osm though it has to be admirals beserker. Delightfully old school, i want it! Well a unit of them

Great work everyone else, hard to judge pictures against models


congratulations to all the winners.


Congrats to the winners!!! Such a cool competition


Congrats to all of the winners, and to everyone else. You should all be proud, given how amazing everything in this contest was there was no way to predict how this would go. Excited to see the OSM pick next, but given that choosing just one of these is a titanic feat, I can see how this would take some time and some meetings.


Hah get rekt! Even bigger pile to paint now!
Well done guys! It was seriously a very wild challanges this one!


Cool! Was not expecting a medal, im glad you guys talked me in to give it a shot. The only thing i had was a loose idea of doing a necromancer but the looming deadline forced me to just start :smiley:


All the entries I voted got the prize! Next contest you can skip the voting and directly ask me the results :joy:

Amazing job as usual from all the entrants, compliments to the winners, and now back to business! Let’s enslave lesser races for the glory of Hashut :cd1991gif:


Walhut shudders his blubber with delight! Thanks to all of you converts to the tusked one! Truly great showing folks. Eager to see these up in blogs. And yes the plan would be to roll the walhut bits into the bastards project.

Shout to @denelian5 that newt is a work of beauty. I could really see that alongside the dvergar range. Multi-material sculpting too, masterful.

Also there’s a large part of me that wants a miniature of @Vapo ’s ghost chariot.

All great options and I’ll look forward to OSM’s choice.


Badges awarded. If you’re owed a veteran medal, send me a message :slight_smile:


I must say it was my favourite entry. So off from my regular view of chaos dwarfs but somehow so right in the oldhammer style contest. It was the first one I knew I had to vote for.

Lovely use of colours to give that creepy, horror movie feeling. I think you’ve got good odds to be picked up by OSM. :smiley:


Grats to all the winners! Loved all the entries and already looking forward to see what people come up with in the next contest.



Hi vapo, i loved your 1 eyed wizard, i wasnt sure what the things pulling the chariot were?


Thanks, they were originally drawn to be “fiery” walking flames. I wasn’t feeling the fire vibe with the rest of the piece so I changed the color to make them “magical” walking flames.

Not going to lie, I thought your entry was a troll of a professional sculptor that already worked for OSM because it was legit so tight! haha


Scribbles notes furiously

stashes in folder titled “familiars unit 2”