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Here be my Orcs and Goblins army, which is even less prioritised than my Dwarfs or Chorfs and thence even less productive.


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Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblin Archers (WIP)

Test Colours



Love the variety in the skirt colours! Shaping up to be a lovely unit

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Goblin Archers Progress

What’s left to do:

  • Shading the rest of the Hoods etc with Army Painter Dark Tone
  • Shading the bows with Army Painter Light Tone (Works perfectly without becoming as dark as the original test model.)
  • Highlight skirts
  • Highlight skin

Goblin Archers Finished

Now that’s a major victory in the BATG!


These look awsome mate! Well done! Love the vibrant colors, especially the blues of the cloths


I’m certainly pleased with them, and for the stupid amount of effort it took via my inefficient painting methodology I’m proud of having completed them.

However the more I look at them the more I feel they could be improved for the next batch, and certainly sped up.

I wonder whether @Oxymandias would mind telling me how he would have painted these? I’d be really interested to know what your method would have been, Oxymandias. For example how would you have done the washes/shading? I feel I wasted a lot of time there. And any paints that you feel would have been useful perhaps in somehow saving time? I realise it’s a vague question haha

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Id wager its something like

  1. drown in contrasts
  2. drybrush
  3. add checker board patterns
  4. drown in streaking grime
  5. wipe off excess streaking grime
  6. drink paint water and admire your handywork

There’s always something very satisfying about seeing such large blocks of models like that.

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My method for those night gobbos would be:

Spray white
Contrast black blue and green and brown respectively
Heavy highlight those areas
Watered down contrast on top


Also - they look awesome :slight_smile:


Close enough

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Sweet unit! BFSP is the best!

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