Pyroven's (Theoretical) Homebrew Compilation Project

I mentioned and showed on the Discord my project to compile all the Bugman’s Brewery Forum Library homebrew rules into a nicely formatted printable PDF. I have now put this project on indefinite hold.

But I have now also made some good document templates and I still would like to make use of them and achieve something akin to the original goal. I mention, again on the discord, my hope to do something similar with CDO’s homebrew rules, so I suppose this has expedited that progression.

I know there have been some community-made unofficial Chaos Dwarf Army Books, and presumably there will have been homebrew rules in old Words of Hashut too.

Do you think it would be of value to compilate all these old community homebrew rules into one document? It would span all editions and be organised by edition.

Secondly, for the old beards, where all would you advise I look for these old homebrew rules? Any specific links to old forum topics would be indispensable.


“Word of Hashut” was a community magazine that had a few houserules in it.

There were a few people who made army books, ThommyH had a good one, and there was one for the IndyGT. I don’t know how easy it would be to get permission to use them.
I posted a lot of my own unit ideas on the Yahoo Group, and I have a few docs of my own I could donate.


I’m a big fan of this project, it will be great to bring older homebrews to light and give them a much needed facelift, as well as a bit of standardization for reading. I dug a little bit and I’ve found some forum sections that should give you a jump start:
Brazen Bulletins
Word of Hashut Issues
Member made content

Although that may not be everything as some people, like me, may have put their work in the wrong section!

And finally, this likely only encompasses the work done on the new forum, you’d have to take a look at how topics were broken up on the old one and hunt there as well.

No guarantees our homebrews wont be any less broken, but I certainly hope the average is better :wink:

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Looks like this is the primary area for homebrews from the old site!

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I made a folder of loads of the houserules I had scattered across my harddrive

Most of them are mine but there might be a few that sneaked through by someone else. The Yahoo archive has loads of house rules, but they are more discussion-based than final results.


Good idea @Pyroven. Perhaps distribute the PDF along with the files you use to edit it such that others can continue to work on it to make it a kind of living document. I think you mentioned the software on Discord but I forgot it again – but I remember it being available on all major OS including Linux which is a big plus in my book.

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Okay so Update No.1

Thank you guys so much for the replies, they are absolutely invaluable.

So Beginning the project is always the hardest part and I believe I’ve worked out the system I want to use to begin.

I first will research the official rules, as many homebrew rules will be reliant upon the official rules and army lists that exist, and if I want to correctly organise them, I will need to understand what they are reliant upon in order to work.

Currently my port of call for an index of official rules is the original forum page here.

My general idea is to organise all the homebrew rules by edition, and separate out completed army lists that come with their own rules (examples being the GrimStoneFire army list and the IndyGT army list)

Here is the original forum page containing these PDFs and more.

Though it probably went without saying, the goal is Warhammer Fantasy only.

I will probably be trying to snap up real rulebooks off ebay for official rules sources (where affordable) because that helps me keep track of things better. I always struggle with keeping track of Warhammer rules PDFs, even though there is logically no reason to, and even though I have a big folder that is superbly organised (even if I do say so myself), something about PDFs makes them feel ethereal and unending, and makes me constantly worry that I’ve missed another document.

Finally, if anyone knows how to get old errata documents, those are the most difficult thing for me to get ahold of.


You can find the errata for 6th edition here
The only other CD errata I’m aware of is this one which appears to be for 7th ed (which is still using the RH list).


You are fantastic and I love you

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