Reaver's Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2022]

Wonderful, each canon like its own little diorama


Familiar unit finally crossed the finish line. Been working small batches of them for a while but finally ready to claim victory.

29 new models painted and a few old mixed in.


Weakness struck in the absence of familiars to paint. Time to start filling that specific void in my life. Very much looking forward to these miniatures. They will accompany the hook monster in familiars unit number 2.


+4 to hopefully be offset soon by finishing any 4x Bloodborne mob


Quick offset of the recent additions. Decided to get a few models off my desk. Absolutely thrilled to have a few oldhammer wraiths in my collection. Killed this other Reaper mini (I think) in the same breath.


Silverbeasts of Loran, knocked out quickly as I’m progressing through the things holding torches section of Bloodborne. Probably will be the end of my completions for almost a month as I move residences and go on vacation.


One big one off the painting table!!


The middle of the year brings much pain and little paint.

No complaints here, I’ll keep rolling with the OSM punches. Here’s my latest counts as +8
Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 9.16.23 AM

Note the incremental step toward the obvious goal of a nine arse arsenal of asscannons.


That arse cannon is great. You’ll love it. You get a cool spare demon head with it (wish i had more of those).
Interested to see what you do with the tortoise and the boar hound. Lots of great stuff to come then!


This town is done for!

Closing out the things holding torches (and lanterns) portion of Bloodborne. These were a slog and probably the least fun of the miniatures to date. And only a -4 for my troubles. The PAIN… But… if I can track them all down I THINK this finishes the base game box, group pictures to follow.

Just two small expansions left, all full of fun cosmic madness.


Glamor shots of the core set all together for the first time. Worth every minute spent.

Honestly when I bought this I wasn’t sure I’d paint all of these but I’m going to keep trucking until the all-in bundle is complete. The sweet blood how it sings to me. It’s enough to make a man sick.



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One of a few times posting WIPs here. But happy to bring some sculpting progress to completion as painting has just been mentally out of the equation for some reason.

The two carrion with wraiths were my favorite loot in the undead haul. While attempting to remove their flight stands using tedious wire wrap trees I unearthed some dead eBay bits from a Tomb Kings lot. With some green stuff I was able to make them undead again and bring this unit up to a nice 3.

A Kroot head was used and mostly covered to make the bird happen. If you’re ever looking to avoid painting I highly recommend trying to semi-convincingly levitate, pin, and pose heavy metal birds.

None of this is particularly my best work but I do completely adore the custom little wraith. I don’t know why I ever make anything above familiar size to be honest. Last shout to @tjub for now since I’ve run out of bonestingers.


What are you talking about, absolutely brilliant work. The pain of finding proper bird heads… I have tried to make some custom Ushabtis in the past but finding suitable models turned out to be surprisingly difficult (or I am just not creative enough). The Kroot heads seem to be a good base to work from.

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I think it would be an even better starting head for something smaller sized. I was thinking of just adding an upper beak to the kroot but the overall size needed to be increased. You’re definitely right. Not easy to find drop in place bird bits for models on 40mm.

Elf bits lean closer to hawkish birds generally

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Lovely sculpt! Really inspiring… :slight_smile:

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And now for something completely the same: Familiars by Reaver. Hopefully these give me the painting spark again, I’ve been preparing a lot of minis lately of many varieties to try to keep motivation high. I need some momentum desperately although there’s no way I can outpace @chitzkoi’s monthly premium roast. I deserve all the salts, peppers, and grill markses. Hope you all like your calamari well done.

9 painted miniatures but sadly this is only a -6. The OSM gooper trooper was a freebie that arrived unplanned and two others are new sculpts all thus far unaccounted for. I’m happy to be zeroing out some of this year’s acquisitions though.


Great to see you back on the tentacle-horse boss man. Got to give the people what they want.


The moment you find these utterly powerless goobers in a secluded forest grove is when you realize… Bloodborne is more than just blood crazed dog-things. What in the cosmos is going on…


Two more down and I sure am glad there weren’t four of this mob. Two celestial centipedes (fluorescent flowers or whatever the hell they are) is more than enough.


Four brainsuckers painted on hobby hangout with @chitzkoi

Incidentally I realized I must have completed more boxes of Bloodborne on accident without taking group shots because I only have 14 models left. Saving the best for last… what nightmares have yet to be uncovered by the moonlight.