Returning to Chaos Dwarfs after a decade away

Hey guys,

Just joined the forum. I used to have a chaos dwarf army over a decade ago, way back around Warhammer fantasy 7th edition. I sold my army and left the entire wargaming hobby after 7th edition came out. I’m trying to get back into wargaming after 14 years away from it. I’ve luckily found this forum by visiting the old chaos dwarf forums, looks like most people moved over here. I’m familiar with age of sigmar being the spiritual successor to fantasy, although I wish we had official chaos dwarf models in plastic.

I wanted to rebuild my chaos dwarf army, but i’m really struggling with how to start. The official GW/FW models seem to be extremely expensive/rare. Many of the third party models seem great, but there seems to be so many different options, and I dont own a 3D printer. Which third party companies produce the best chaos dwarf models? Any suggestions on how I should start building an army would be appreciated. I’ve been out of warhammer for so long, that I have no idea how to start from scratch again. Thanks for any help.


There are so many places to start!

I did the same thing as you just last year.

Maybe the best question to start with is the most fundamental one on the forum - what’s your preferred aesthetic? Bighats, Infernal Guard, or 80s Chaos warrior style?

I broker and help find all sorts of minis for folks on the forum so if you want to DM me a notional budget I can help you navigate the market too.

There’s so many ranges for you to explore, this will be fun!


Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:
We keep a collection on relevant links for miniatures etc here:


Welcome back to the best army and forum!

I’m sure you will be able to find a beautiful force with the help of some of us here.

With resin printers as low as 129 euros it might be cheaper and easier then you think. If you happen to be interested in printing an army, feel free to ask me anything… I printed most of my chorfs.


Welcome back! Glad you found the new digs

I’ll let better people than I advise you on what’s around and the options out there, certainly if your going the eBay route for old mini @chitzkoi has been very helpful to more than a few of us

Good luck in amassing your army, look forward to seeing whats to come


Welcome! Cant wait to see your journey unfold!


Welcome to the forum! I’m sure you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for here, and a lot more too. Have a great time with your CD project! Looking forward to seeing your progress. :beer:


Things are going to get confusing with a username like that. :smiley:


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I DM’ed @chitzkoi for help on building up my army. Cant wait to get things started.


It will definitely be an entertaining form of confusion though!


Hi there Hashut! You returned just after a post regarding the possible end of the Russian Alternative line of miniatures. They have some chorf models and, if those are suitable to your taste, this might be the time to check them out.


Welcome back to the hobby & Dawi Zharr! :hatoff: :beer:
Good luck getting your army back together, lots more options these days then in the past and some very nice looking models


Welcome back bro

Welcome back here to the best of all forums! Depending on how you want to use your army, WHF, SAGA - Age of Magic, etc., you have a range of options when it comes to model selection.

For example:

Titan Wargames

MOM Miniatures

Macrocosm Miniatures

Norba Miniatures

Old School Miniatures

Ral Partha