Russian Alternative

Sad news, especially for us big hat aficionados, and, frankly, somewhat surprising to me. I had the impression that they were doing well after having seen so much community-wide praise of their miniatures. Seeing all these talented people posting images of their painted armies here and over on FB sometimes disguises that we are, in fact, not very many.

Got me that CD sorcerer that is on my wish list for quite a while now. Only in resin, though.


Same here, a real shame and very surprising


I guess if we all only bought their stuff once… that doesn’t add up to much…

Really, it’s the Facebook group we should tell about this.


Oh this sux, :frowning: so much stuff of theirs I need to get


I said it on the Discord but just for everyone’s benefit here -

If you want to buy RA stuff but are strapped for cash I can always buy it for you and you can pay me store price to send it on when you’re ready. I’m based in the UK so might not be super economical for some.

We can figure it out in DMs.

Also I have a spare full set of their hobgoblin stuff that I’m happy to sell at cost if it goes OOP anytime soon, because as mentioned previously, I accidentally bought it twice.

Because I am living meme with no impulse control.


Good, @chitzkoi . Great helpfulness there! :slight_smile:


Thanks @chitzkoi appreciate your constant efforts to get chaos dwarfs onto people’s gaming tables worldwide :facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:


Is it an ebay store you have? I would browse it out of curiousity, broke till next pay. I also have poor impulse control…

I think the main reason i didnt buy the hobos from r.a. is they were mostly resin, where as the earlier ones seemed to be metal. Metal ones are harder wearing and more permanent in my mind. Same for titan wargames actually.the r.a. hobo sculpts look to be full of character.

Looking at his stuff on ebay there appears to be plenty left still…like 8 of certain hobo stuff


Yeah sounds like it was just me that bought them!

Probably gonna be his last minis.

I do have an ebay store but I’m not using at the moment while I move house - and it’s more of a dumping ground for what I don’t sell through 1:1 messaging, by far my preferred form.

I would also say of Titan Forge - their resin is finicky with many small components - RA is much more robust sculpts with fewer components that sit nicely.


We all know how it feels to miss out on an item because of liquidity issues… real life gets in the way!


Guys, this might have been asked already, but do any of the RA models function as good hobgoblin analogues?

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Yes he has a whole hobgoblin range with scythian style hats, they sit directly alongside the original 93 range. They were his most recent releases

Wolf Riders
Hero on wolf
Hero on wolf 2
there is a second set of bows as well but they don’t hyperlink well - just search by greenskins and you’ll find them.


Pardon me for asking, but do you by any chance mean Titan Forge or some other company? Baggronor’s Titan Wargames sport only a few multipart resin kits as far as I know, namely the new cannon, the dwarf house, the dwarf heavy infantry (due to shields), Marrog Blackhand’s pistol arm and the two dragoon kits’ optional blunderbuss mouths.

I just could not fit finicky resin and many small components in the same mental box as Titan Wargames miniatures. Sorry, I got to ask. :smile:

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agreed and I was referring to forge when i replied so I’ve amended that - i think he must have meant the same - i own minis from both ranges and the forge ones are made of tons of parts but the titan wargames vorgnash stuff is really easy to work with, especially by comparison

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I’ve only ordered from Russian Alternative once, and I haven’t even assembled the models I received… but I just placed a second order, since I’m extremely sad to see them go.

Devastated that these guys are out of stock. I should have picked them up last time!!!


Yeah, I’d been hoping to get a unit of those fellows too. In addition, this unit with shields is also out of stock.

Here’s a few units marked as new:

Bull centaurs unit 2
Cannon/rocket team
Lord 2

My question is, how new are these? Perhaps I’m being too optimistic here, but I hope that it might mean they’ll continue production for a while.

Sounds like the whole enterprise, which is Sergei’s hobby, doesn’t wash its face. So it won’t work like that - it’s much more likely that he’s simply ceased production, and is now selling off the stocks he created.

On that basis, newer kits will be around an arbitrary, unpredictable amount of time longer simply because they’re less likely to have sold as many items.

Except, that assumes he produces a fixed amount of each kit, which might be true but can’t be confirmed.

The good news is he’s responsive, so you can just ask him. But why gamble? Part of the costs is the storefront itself, and the longer it stays up the more those costs eat at him, so it’s not likely he will wait around much longer to sell more - more likely he will one day just take it all down.

Better to speak to him about what you want. Just be patient and remember he doesn’t speak much English and doesn’t owe us anything… if we were such great customers this wouldn’t be happening.


Sadly a fair and accurate statement. Who sang that song “don’t know what you got till it’s gone”?

In other news, how long has it taken for everyone to receive their RA orders? I’m considering buying more, but I want to be sure that my first order arrives safely first.


Last time i ordered from them, it took about 2 months to arrive, to Western Australia.

My assumption was they’re new(er). They’ve all been for sale on the store for the whole time I’ve been looking at RA (about a year)

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