Seaching CD shields

Hello together! I need your knowledge, I am looking for suitable shields for a unit of Chaos Dwarves. However, I have not found any cool chaotic shields for an acceptable price, do you have any ideas?

Hey guys! I still need some input! :wink:

Maybe @Zoddtheimmortal knows if there are any good shield bits on Ral Partha Europe?

Perhaps Games Workshop’s Chaos Marauder kit shields would work well?

If you have access to a 3d printer:


I think it was Old School Miniatures or macrocosm that used to sell bulk metal shields but I can’t find anything on their websites any more. Might be worth emailing them and asking if they have any stock left. I could only find this on OSM but not available any longer: 25 shields - Old School Miniatures

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Do they have to be cast metal/resin?

Warmonger has some fun ones. The small rounds are a good fit for CDs while the kites fit well on a BC


I personally like the Marauder shields, you may need to skulk around on ebay for a while to get them at an acceptable price.

If you don’t have a 3D printer I’m sure someone on the forum could help you out if you find some in the style you like

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Oh, i have a load of those shields in my bits box if i recall correctly. I can include some in my package @Zanko


I have 8 different shields. Sweet.


Awesome! :beer: Thanks a lot my friend!

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