Share Your Snow Sculptures Here!

Carrying over this topic from our old forum, here is a place for any wacky snow sculptures you might conjure up in the biting cold of wintertime. Remember that Hell was frozen over in Norse mythology.

Snow dwarf from 2014:

2015, sporting the double-headed Ogre Ob and Bob:

A team consisting of me, my brother and a friend of ours participated in a little snow sculpture event in 2015. It went as planned:

  1. First image is from a weekend’s ski trip. Spent most of the spare time digging snow:


Dwarf head Tetrarchy carved out of icily lump and gravel-filled snow. Not good material:

A comic police dog in snow for a young member of the extended family:

2021: It is that time of the year! Snow has finally come in droves. Days and days of shovelling and skiing has ensued. Blissful.

Crude snow dinosaur lying down, finished just as rain and thaw set in. Lamp post for scale:

Step family for scale:

Please share your own works in snow. :hatoff:


Oh my this is amazing! Where I live, southern England, years can pass without any snow and when it comes it can be a just a light dusting (that causes school closures and traffic jams because we haven’t the infrastructure to deal with it haha!) so very jealous of this hobby you’ve been able to pursue.

Where my partner is from, NL Canada, they get plenty of snow I’ll have to ask her if this is something they do there.




Scandinavian savages :smile:


made this last Month when I was visiting my wife and kids in Kyrgystan, son added for scale:



@Fuggit_Khan : What is that yellow thing behind the cloud symbols?

Savage reporting. Me and dad just covered the snow dino in plastic sheets from his carpentry firm, in an attempt to preserve it through two days of rain before temperatures drop. Experiment in progress.

Wonderful snow sculpture, @Sjoerdo ! Love it, not least the legs and the curvature of the dino teeth. And those are some proper Tyrannosaurus arms. :smiley:

I so wish we got snow here, closest we get is maybe a little sleet or hail every now and then, melts pretty quick and never enough to do anything :sad:

Our only claim to fame is sometimes it hits 50 degrees c in summer and the roads get all sticky… YAY :mad:

So jealous

Most awesome snowman/snowdwarfs ever btw

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What beautiful snow sculptures! How I envy you. Here in Vienna we only got what we call a light coating of sugar, and that only for a few days. It’s rarely been more than that for as long as I’ve lived here, but it still wrecks the public transport’s schedules every year. Nice to see that some problems seem to be universal, right @Oxymandias? :smile:


What’s this snow thing of which you speak? Isn’t it something Hollywood invented for Christmas movies?



Daaaaamn, you nordics really have the snow. Amazing stuff!
I’ll post a picture of any sad model I “sculpt” from the brown sludge which maybe once a year can be found in Cologne, Germany…


They hoard all the snow :neutral_face:


Hahaha - it’s the yellow snow you need to worry about @Jasko


As a festival T-shirt once proclaimed: “Eat yellow snow. It might be beer!”


Is this you @Admiral ? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:


Well, I’m not made out of snow, but otherwise it’s a good guess. :smiley:

Just joking. No, I’m innocent here. I’ve only sculpted phalli in green stuff. And the spheres-to-shaft ratio is all off, compared to anything I would have made. The proportions are not ideal.

But great minds think alike. :tongue:

Translation of the sign: “Let stand!”


Ho-ho-ho. What time of the year is it? It’s snow shovelling season up here in the frigid north! And ski time.

Shovelling snow around houses and cars for neighbours and family has meant plenty of chances to sculpt quick and shoddy things in snow. King Bore (the proverbial winter god) has brought us a bountiful harvest of frozen water from on high:

Snödvärg 2024 02