Shef’s 26 year pride and shame

Haven’t had any chance to sit down and do anything for what feels like months. Did get to do the last artisan contest. Didn’t have any man sized models that I wanted to turn to Hushut as I have a empire force somewhere. But I did have a old Ral Partha giant that I figure I could use as a man and if I ever run a 8th edition list a siege giant.

Not a before picture but one of what the model should looks like and then what I did to him.

The beard I couldn’t get the green stuff to stay in ringlets to save my life so I took a can of dusters straw and wrapped a thin layer around in green stuff to make indentations to look like ringlets. So he’s got about five or six pieces of straw glued to his face. Then I had to give him a real thin mustache to bring it all together.

This is the guy that I wanted to try to find how to make a big hat form but I could not figure it out or find anything those suitable size so if anyone has a 3-D printer that thinks that they can make a hat little fit his head I am happy to give you whatever dimensions you need to see if we can get something printed for him


Nice one shef, it totally didnt dawn on me this guy was a giant!
He definitely looks like a follower of hashut, great job.


Yeah here he is next to the regular guys in the cabinet. He’s definitely a good size to stay a giant in game.


Kevin adams goblins have arrived to server their masters in battle and in the mines

I gave them copper armor where appropriate and classic red wooden clubs and axe handles. I also kept their clothing to match the classic hobgoblin colors



Was able to pick up a nicely painted unit of 20 Black orcs a mix between the metal and the plastics very nicely painted by a nice gentleman out of Sweden who was selling his collection. With the with orcs that I just painted this afternoon and the goblins that I painted the other day I’m only 2 units away from painting every thing on the classic model range. Those two units being orc and goblin archers. I’m debating on whether not just do the plastics for cheapness sake. I already have four orcs, but I would increase that to ten for sure so I guess I probably should try to find 20 goblins from the fourth edition era so we will see


Ah meanwhile I have a lot of love for the old models, at least as much as for my modern Dawi Zharr.

It is incredibly impressive what models you bring to the table.
I would also like to collect some more, but the prices are practically unaffordable. I’m trying to get Hobgoblins or a Taurus right now… All unfortunately not within my scope.

But I’m all the more pleased when I can see the old Minis here with you and the others.

I got crazy crazy lucky on that. The guy I bought them from sold them for legitimately good prices for him, and kind of for me like they were so spot on on value that I didn’t even haggle with him. I just accepted his total. I didn’t ask why, but he had spent the prior 20 years incarcerated and before that spent all his money on Warhammer stuff said he had 20k on just about every range 5th and before. He said the majority of it was stolen while he was away and was selling the rest to kick start his new life. He had all the old models I could want and in quantity. all those orcs and goblins were from him as well as two special projects one finished and waiting for a good contest and another I’m thinking might get done here real soon and showcased


The war fleet of the Dawi Zhar set forth to points u know to scour the seven seas for the ever hungry forges and temples of the sorcerer lords

These were chipped pretty bad and the Taurus had the original plastic stands snapped off and glued in them. Had to drill them out and repaint the ships but now I just need to find a man o war player


Definitely something rarely seen on the forum these days! Good collection you have there!

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Have to agree, so good seeing some of these classic minis still about.

In those classic colours too, really stand out, they look great

I loved the CD fleet, the bigger ships just looked so brutal.


It’s been a long min but finally finished my musician for the centaurs and added more bolt throwers. Had an extra crew and in looking for a random bolt thrower had someone send me two more with crews for the price of the on bolt. Pretty lucky.


I scrolled to fast and thought the drums were a Tu-Tu.


Zhatan The Black from wh3 colour scheme stopped by with a body guard of sneaky gits


Haaaa, that’s the exact look as my Hobo’s.
Did my wife sell my slaves behind my back again?
Watch your back.


Another 10 hobgoblin wolf riders down and the last of the non merc ones if I remember. And two great Taurus to boot. Riders to follow