Im looking for skeletons that can be used in 40k setting, ideally not zombies.

I have an idea of doing Hieronymus Bosch style “dancing” /tortured skeletons either as stand alone models for my legion of the damned. Or as allies, or to be incorporated into tank conversions.

Can’t seem to find decent skeletons though that can be easily posed.


Posable skeletons that fit inside a human skin are hard to find. Me and my brother searched for something similar some years ago, without much luck. I’ll follow this with interest.

@MichaelX , we summon thee! O, mighty Daemonsmith, what say thou? Are there any STL files of posable skeletons, or skeletons available in plenty of poses around that you might recommend?

At worst, one might have to handsculpt them out of wire skeletons.


On the Wargames Atlantic skeleton sprue is one skeleton that can be posed quite freely it seems. One box gives you 8 of those.


Just here to say the Bosch idea. I love it.


You can buy wga sets by the sprue on ebay. I rate the halflings one. You wont get cheaper than wga id have thought…


Searching on cults3d resulted in these

All parts and has a 3mf file for posability @Grimstonefire1


Though posable does probably mean hip and shoulder, not knee and elbow. However with a bit of meshmixery that could also be achieved


Even more freely posable skeletons are from Warlord Games, Warlords of Erewhon.
They are of the usual recommendations the most delicate, lest hero-scaly.


Thanks, I have never looked at the Warlord Games sprue before. Definitely some customisability here. Unfortunately, the leg bones are permanently attached to the hip bones, making it a bit hard to model unusual poses (although to be fair: cutting them up and gluing them back together is probably required with any kit to some extent). Heroic scale would make these conversions a bit easier and more durable though.

I can also vouch for WGA. I don’t have their skeletons but I have some of their Afghan tribesmen and they are top-notch.

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Just for completeness, the third set in line would be Oathmark Skeleton Infantry.
These three option are the usual recommendations to choose from if you want a R&F regiment of plastic skeletons (and don’t want them to look like from Evil Dead, in which case you go to Mantic).