Skirmish game transport solution

Since starting to play Warhammer Underworlds, I needed a way to easily transport the few models needed. I had no interest in bringing my big Armybox, neither did I want to use one of the old-school Games Workshop things with the foam. I don’t like how foam eventually rubs off the paint, I don’t like how fickle details can bend or break in these. And I didn’t magnetise each and every model for nothing.

In the end I got a Feldherr Mini Minus case, went to the hardware store and built myself a custom insert:

It conveniently holds the two warbands I currently have, and would easily hold another 1-2 (maybe 3 if I really maximise space usage.

It also holds a Blood Bowl team with accessories, and there’s still room for some star players. Definitely more models than the 20 which fit into the most spacious foam insert.

I just used 2-part epoxy to glue the metal together, which worked better than I expected. I put in 3mm MDF as a backboard, which increases stability further. Overall I’m already quite happy, it works like intended. It still looks a little scratchbuilt, I’m considering filling the gaps with milliput and spraying it all black. I could also then paint it, those MDF backboards would make a nice canvas. Then again I’m not exactly known for my freehand skills, I could also print something out and glue it in place. If anyone has a good idea, give me a shout.
(I also considered putting some terrain stuff there, but that would decrease the available space, so nothing thicker than a sheet of paper and/or layer of paint)