Smiddy Smites the Grey Tide [BATG 2022]

Yea I hope they do something interesting with them in the new Slaves to Darkness book at the end of the year! Would love a Darkoath themed list.


That’s May wrapped up for me, a solid effort in numbers an a mixed bag of models. Finished off another 10 hobgrots, and rebased the 10 I had already done as well. Decided to make the KruleBoyz water bases, so I could try out some UV resin. Pretty pleased with the outcome.

Then a few more AoS models hanging about, although the relaque was just a fun piece for my Bretonian themed Flesh Eaters.

I traded out some models as well. Offloaded three of the primaris marines, as I have no plans for doing anything with them. Brought in a Swampcalla Shaman, Pot Grot and Beast-Skewer Killbow in there place, to help get me to 1K Kruleboys. So claiming a net 0 on the trade.

:arrow_up: Additions: 0
:arrow_down: Painted: 13
:arrow_right: Net score: -13


I muchly approve of dead bretonians. That’s a very twisted twist on an already fun concept. Nice work!


Good work! And cool to see more WarCry players, great casual game IMO! + for the nice Flesh Eaters-conversion as well… :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, maybe I’ll put out some pics of the full FEC army next month.

Yea warcry is probably my favourite, since original Necromunda. Got a lot of play out of it, group has tapered off a bit now though.


Bit late for the June update, but none the less here we go.

It was all Kruleboyz, I was taking 1K of them to an event so cranked them out quite quickly. Not so happy with some of them. I think I will redo the wood of the Beast-skewer Killbow, I used Wyldwood contrast and its a bit dark. All of the infantry could do with a few more highlights as well.

I also added a few models this month as well. There was a new in box N96 Escher gang that I decided I needed to have as well as some more 6 KruleBoyz. Also sold off the box of flayers, as I can’t see myself adding more to my FEC army.

:arrow_up: Additions: 11
:arrow_down: Painted: 19
:arrow_right: Net score: -8


Looks great! I only did a few, enough for WarCry. Should really find time to finish enough for a small army… Such themey models!

That’s how I started, with a Warcry warband. Hobgrots and a Killa Boss… pretty good build. Take the highground and throw bombs!

I think that’s a wrap for the month. Got bit slowed up by a large model, in the Breaka Boss. Then started on my vintage Necromunda models that I wanted to take a bit of time over. I’d forgotten how great these old models are, so character full, not like a lot of the new generic plastic stuff.

Added to the pile, another Necromunda Escher model and five Cataphractii terminators to make a Deliverers Raven Guard unit for Heresy.


Slow month for painting just finished up the remainder of the Escher gang. They’re great though, so might have picked up a few more.

In addition to 5 more Escher girls, I grabbed another 10 Gutrippaz that were a bargain on ebay. That’s to positive months in a row now though :sweat_smile:

:arrow_up: Additions: 15
:arrow_down: Painted: 4
:arrow_right: Net score: +11


Love these! I’ve got a whole metal and whole plastic Escher gang good as new…somewhere

One day I’ll find and paint them haha

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Smart here, looking at these makes me want to bust out my metal Escher gang too :grin: lovely work on those classics

Oh Raven Guard you say… Looking forward to that


Thanks guys! Those metal models have been my favourite thing to paint in a long while.

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