Smiddy Smites the Grey Tide [BATG 2022]

Yea I hope they do something interesting with them in the new Slaves to Darkness book at the end of the year! Would love a Darkoath themed list.


That’s May wrapped up for me, a solid effort in numbers an a mixed bag of models. Finished off another 10 hobgrots, and rebased the 10 I had already done as well. Decided to make the KruleBoyz water bases, so I could try out some UV resin. Pretty pleased with the outcome.

Then a few more AoS models hanging about, although the relaque was just a fun piece for my Bretonian themed Flesh Eaters.

I traded out some models as well. Offloaded three of the primaris marines, as I have no plans for doing anything with them. Brought in a Swampcalla Shaman, Pot Grot and Beast-Skewer Killbow in there place, to help get me to 1K Kruleboys. So claiming a net 0 on the trade.

:arrow_up: Additions: 0
:arrow_down: Painted: 13
:arrow_right: Net score: -13


I muchly approve of dead bretonians. That’s a very twisted twist on an already fun concept. Nice work!


Good work! And cool to see more WarCry players, great casual game IMO! + for the nice Flesh Eaters-conversion as well… :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, maybe I’ll put out some pics of the full FEC army next month.

Yea warcry is probably my favourite, since original Necromunda. Got a lot of play out of it, group has tapered off a bit now though.


Bit late for the June update, but none the less here we go.

It was all Kruleboyz, I was taking 1K of them to an event so cranked them out quite quickly. Not so happy with some of them. I think I will redo the wood of the Beast-skewer Killbow, I used Wyldwood contrast and its a bit dark. All of the infantry could do with a few more highlights as well.

I also added a few models this month as well. There was a new in box N96 Escher gang that I decided I needed to have as well as some more 6 KruleBoyz. Also sold off the box of flayers, as I can’t see myself adding more to my FEC army.

:arrow_up: Additions: 11
:arrow_down: Painted: 19
:arrow_right: Net score: -8


Looks great! I only did a few, enough for WarCry. Should really find time to finish enough for a small army… Such themey models!

That’s how I started, with a Warcry warband. Hobgrots and a Killa Boss… pretty good build. Take the highground and throw bombs!

I think that’s a wrap for the month. Got bit slowed up by a large model, in the Breaka Boss. Then started on my vintage Necromunda models that I wanted to take a bit of time over. I’d forgotten how great these old models are, so character full, not like a lot of the new generic plastic stuff.

Added to the pile, another Necromunda Escher model and five Cataphractii terminators to make a Deliverers Raven Guard unit for Heresy.


Slow month for painting just finished up the remainder of the Escher gang. They’re great though, so might have picked up a few more.

In addition to 5 more Escher girls, I grabbed another 10 Gutrippaz that were a bargain on ebay. That’s to positive months in a row now though :sweat_smile:

:arrow_up: Additions: 15
:arrow_down: Painted: 4
:arrow_right: Net score: +11


Love these! I’ve got a whole metal and whole plastic Escher gang good as new…somewhere

One day I’ll find and paint them haha

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Smart here, looking at these makes me want to bust out my metal Escher gang too :grin: lovely work on those classics

Oh Raven Guard you say… Looking forward to that


Thanks guys! Those metal models have been my favourite thing to paint in a long while.

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Was bit of a busy month, but managed to get out a few models. Inspired by those old Escher minis, decided to finish off some of my other metal models hanging about. Although I will say those 90s models are a lot nicer than the 80s Hobgobs! Bit of a dull colour scheme, but matches the ones already done. Finally though, this nearly 40 year old set of models has its paint job.

Edit: Also sold the Primaris Captain and brought in a Neave Blacktalon as a trade.

Four I got painted:

Full set:

Random Frostgrave NPCs:

:arrow_up: Additions: 0
:arrow_down: Painted: 10
:arrow_right: Net score: -10


Awww dude, love me some old school Hobgoblins!! Nicely done. I’ve had mine out so many times to look at and plan, and then I decide to put them away due to decision paralysis :melting_face:


Only painted a couple of new models, the Mindstealer Spharynx and Neave Blacktalon. This led me repaint 8 other models mind :man_facepalming:

Also added a few necromunda and asoiaf models, and offloaded some surplus space marines.

:arrow_up: Additions: 4
:arrow_down: Painted: 2
:arrow_right: Net score: +2


As the year draws to an end, I’ve decided to focus on finishing up all the odds and end of projects. Knocked out the ten remaining Gutrippas and the Beltcher banner. Classically left on the side as they’re not in my army currently. Also that lone and last Legion of Azgorh drummer got a very quick slap of paint. End of an era.

Grabbed another classic metal Escher lady from ebay as well.

:arrow_up: Additions: 1
:arrow_down: Painted: 12
:arrow_right: Net score: -11


Thats a smart move, i did the same but the odds and ends stacked up for so long it took me another 5 weeks of this year to actually finish them all haha


Yea it’s been a really good way, to help focus on finishing things!