Sorry its been too long

Hi everyone - just to say if anyone has any Chaos Dwarfs painted we need some more pics for our website.

I have been away for a while trying to get OSM sorted out and the good news is that I now have the professionals at Footsore Miniatures supporting me - they are doing all the packing and posting as well as production. This will allow me to focus on new minis.

Talking of new minis John Pickford has finally sculpted the prize winner from last year -

We need to sponsor some new competitions



Hello Jamie,
I have painted a lot of your models and also the Ewal Dvergar models, although to a mediocre standard at best. Feel free to have a look around my Blog, if anything appeals to you (against my expectations) feel free to use the pictures. If you want me to take better pictures of specific models, just send a PM.


Glorious sculpt by John Pickford! He brought out my doodle Dwarf Dervish with great flair in model form. Hat off to master Pickford for his sterling work. The chains and the beard are particularly impressively sculpted.

Any chance of a free sample once it’s cast? :smiley:


CDO would be most grateful for OSM’s sponsorship in future competitions. At the moment, I’m still out of the loop due to life getting overly busy, but please talk with @Reaver about it. Hope to be back next year.



Yes you will get a master when cast


Lovely to see this sculpt!

I’m working on some of my Kickstarter dwarfs (slowly) so I’ll be happy to share photos for the webstore when I’m done. Also happy to coordinate contest prizes as Admiral mentioned!


Great. It’s the stretch goals we need photos of mainly but any and all photos are welcome.

Does it cost anything to run this forum?

The hosting fees for the website host and the amazon storage bucket.

And then theres the blood sweat and tears of the admin to keep it in working order :rofl:

Costs are covered by @Xander who recovers most (if not all) via the cdo patreon.

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Okay we are launching affiliates with 5% kickback on all sales and 5% off for first orders. Whs thinking that’s a way I could help ongoing


Sounds interesting. Ill ping xander on discord and see if hes interested!


Hi, we talked about it. Financial kickback isnt something we (Xander) is interested in. Something we are interested in would be some sort of discou d instead of thats possible. Some kind of discount code for cdo members?

Not sure if thats an option?


Yes I will create a link whenever anyone uses it from here they get 5% off