Space marine statue

Well, my friend got the iwo jima space marine model from the skullz promotion a ways back and he asked me to paint it for him. He wanted it as a bronze statue on a plinth. I added a couple of cheering space marines to kill the dead space on the plinth.

Before with ground texture and other marines
tried my hand at painting marble (my first time so please be gentle!). Decided to paint the bottom tier just black though…



Excellent work.

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Amazing work there! And first time marble, looks like 100th time marble to me :smiley: wise choice on the solid black rim though. It might be qorth adding patina or shiny smoothed parts to help break up certain bits or to draw attention to certain areas. (Of course, for realism’s sake, some bird excrement would also achieve the same affect, haha!)


I like it! Great work! :metal:

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