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User Jorge da Burgos posted this WIP in the Oldhammer Community Look at the scale! :cd1980:


@Iceman sent this picture to me earlier. Amazing stuff! Is it a 3D print @Jasko ? Or hand sculpted?

@Zanko - it’s your profile pic mate !

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And you didn’t think about sharing it here? Bad Oxy, bad bad Oxy!

From what I can gather: hand sculpted :skull1:


I did bad and I feel bad.

Clay though! Madness!!!

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He needs to 3D scan this for…reasons…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Absolutely! I’d be surprised if this hadn’t been brought up there yet :slight_smile: People are probably already pitching in money etc

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@Jasko im not a member of the group so can’t speak to him. Would be a legend and reach out to him for the Zine please?

Explain that we’d like to feature his work and he’s get full credit etc.

If he could pass on his email that would be amazing if not he could email us at:


I’ll message him!

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Cheers dude!

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