Staff Announcement: a mass email to old forum members

Hey everybody.

Yesterday evening I sent a mass email to 600/2100 members of the old forum. These accounts were active users, not banned, with at least 1 post. This morning another 300 were emailed.

This will go on for a few days until all 2100 users have been mailed.

The mail contains links to the discourse, podcasts, zine, discourse and a fluffy text about us being alive and thriving.

I could repeat this process for all users with 0 posts but I figured this was a good starting point.

Some of those long beards have already joined this forum and the discord server!


We are getting a newsletter almost xD
Awesome work mike, for real


Excellent work! The email was well worded, with lots of reasons to check out new CDO.

I’m expecting a splurge of awesome new blogs in the near future. Happy days :hashut: :cd1980: :smiley:

Michael is becoming skynet


Oh nooo think of all the hilarious banned users we will miss out onnnn

They know… initiate assimilation protocol


I can think of one …:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Read the the archive guys. There’s no drama like old internet drama!