Still relevant! A tiny tidbit of chaos dwarf AOS lore


Sounds good enough to me, armoured Chaos-Gargants confirmed :japanese_ogre:


Ah, you bet me to it! Id love to see what they could do with Zharr Vyxa…


Ill need a picture of a gargant so I can make an armoured one


For inspiration, here is a Giant themed on the “new” Iron Golem WarCry faction…


My giants

These are my CD giants for 9th age, at least partially armored :slight_smile:


Wow, I had not seen them… IMO you should not hide them with that function.
Anyway, looks great. They have got so much character!

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I know :stuck_out_tongue: It always takes way to much time to fix these posts and I’ve not yet had the patience to go through them and edit it :confused:


Oh. So a Gargant in AoS is just an Armoured Giant ?

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Well, I’m not too up to date on this but my guess is that gargant is just the AoS name for giant (please correct me if I’m wrong), but from the model pictures I’ve seen there are also different sizes of them. So it could be that gargants are the bigger versions… I’m too lazy to Google it so speculating will have to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Regarding Giants in AoS there are atleast three types, “classic” drunk green skin Giants are called Aleguzzler Gargants. Then there are the Mancrusher Gargants which are sober Giants living in tribes. And of course we have the new Mega Gargants…

But Im sure there are loads of sub categories for other Gargants as well. :slight_smile:


So great to get a mention. As I said on Facebook, since my Chaos Dwarfs are based at Zharr Vyxa, it looks like I need a Siege Giant now!

tjub is spot on, gargant is the new name for giants (aleguzzler being the mercenary ones, mancrusher being the battleline for a Sons of Behemat army) and megagargants are the new larger size ones.

The above lore implies Siege Gargants are a thing still - it’s wishful thinking for it to come back and Dawi Zharr to get an update, but still!

When I first read it, it sounded to me like the fortress rig was on articulated limbs, either hydraulically lifting out of reach or able to move like the iron spider from Wild Wild West :stuck_out_tongue:


It sure could be, there are several mentions of ”Cog Forts” for Cities of Signar which are movable mechanical forts if I remember correctly.

Zharr Vyxa could very well be the equialent of an oil rig in Shyish, extracting magic/souls/etc from the Realm reusing it for their own purposes. :thinking:


That would be cool. The use of the word Zharr fills me with hope that it’s a continuation in some way of zharr culture.

Would love to see what aos chorfs could be.

Would love to moan about how they changed it all and I don’t like it.

Then I’d love to spend all my money on it anyway.

That’s how it tends to go with me and age of Sigmar :thinking:


This is some pretty cool lore, actually! I need to hurry up with my Cities of Sigmar and my Slaanesh and my Tzeentch Slaves to Darkness to make a new Chaos Dwarf army. XD


You should, also basing a Chaos Dwarf army on CoS rules wouldn’t be a bad idea… :slight_smile:


On the note of Zharr Vyxa Gargants, here is inspiration. Made by Vincent Venturella.


Official Chaos Dwarf stuff woop woop! Always great to get a mention

More about using the dead too, love that angle :thinking: