Artisan's Contest XXXI: Gargants & Chaos Siege Giants Artwork Challenge

“Send in the siege giant!”

Titan Wargames & Duncan Shadow Presents: The 31st Artisan’s Contest on Chaos Dwarfs Online!

This contest has been sponsored by Titan Wargames! The gold winner will receive a Grulka miniature, courtesy of @Baggronor :

Duncan Shadow has also sponsored this competition! The silver winner will receive one 28mm 3D-printed demonic Dwarf with fez, courtesy of this sponsor and thanks to @Oxymandias acting as mediary:

While a random participant will receive a kit of 15mm Bonestingers from @Tjub and Admiralty Miniatures:

Subject Matter: Gargants & Chaos Siege Giants Artwork Challenge!

This time around we want you to draw, paint or otherwise create some kind of non-miniature artwork or concept sketch which in some way feature Armoured Gargants, Chaos Siege Giants or some kind of slave Giant of your own imagination - those titanic thrall abominations mutilated and forged from living creatures by uncaring Dawi Zharr!

You could tackle this theme in a myriad ways. For instance, you could depict one or more slave Giants hauling great burdens while Chaos Dwarf taskmasters whip and harass them, or depict a scene where Dawi Zharr hunters tame such a feral slave of size XXL. You could likewise depict a battle or siege scene, or have a slave Giant/Gargant swim, be fed, be butchered for its flesh after battle, have armour plates nailed into its body, or something else entirely. Let your imagination run wild and be welcome to surprise us all with weird interpretations!

Subject: Gargant/Chaos Siege Giant/Slave Giant
Bases: Up to your discretion.
The Due Date: 11:59 PM January 19th, 2021 EST (Eastern Time Zone)

Please read the full rules that apply to the Artisan’s Contests before submitting your entry.

All entries must be sent either to the @GoldenHat account and/or to chaosdwarfsonline ( at ) no later than the due date. (Entrants have approximately 8 weeks to complete entries). If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact @Admiral. In order to avoid problems, entrants should not wait until the last minute to submit their entries.

How to Enter
Submissions should include one picture file only. Your one picture file with art may contain any number of objects, figures and scenes. Upload your entriy to the Internet, e.g. with Imgur or with this forum’s direct upload function. Next, send a PM to @GoldenHat (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the links where the pictures can be found. (Note: This is the same as previous contests).

If you win:

  • Walk across the backs of the cowed masses you have scorned and pushed aside, in order to take your place at the top in the vaunted Artisan’s Contest Gallery.
  • Receive the Artisan’s Contest medal for your online persona (when medals are fully implemented).
  • Win miniatures! See above for details.

Once all entries are received a thread will be created for voting and determining the winners!

If there are any questions it is best post them here so that everyone can benefit from any details or clarifications that may arise.

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM @Admiral and he will sort it out with you and the Staff.

Good luck everyone!
The Staff

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Nice - very topical with the recent AOS releases. Time to start planning…:thinking:


3D-printed silver prize added, thanks to our sponsor Duncan Shadow and also to @Oxymandias for acting as mediary. :slight_smile:


Definitely excited for this one. Should be able to enter after my unfortunate lack of Zharr content lately… Looking forward to seeing all of the directions people take this one.


… I am supposed to draw something! Shit, I can’t even do that. Pffff … I wonder if I can do it, I have my doubts. :cry:


You’ll think of something zanko!

Please try it, @Zanko, for the childish fun of doodling. Everyone draw stuff when they are children, but all too many stops to draw altogether as adults. They think it needs to be picture perfect and gives up. This is a silent tragedy.

We want to encourage people to dare doodle again for the fun of it, no matter their skill level. :slight_smile:

Of course, we can have a proper slave giant Golden Hat afterward to round out the theme, just as we did with naval stuff.



This x1000 !! One of the reasons I’ve been drawing in pen, to get over this attitude that I certainly had(/sometimes still have) problems with. Without an eraser, dealing with the imperfections on the paper as they inevitably and frequently arise. Lots of other possible tactics I’m sure but it has been working for me.

Another weird challenge is drawing with your off hand. I’ve found my off hand just isn’t dexterous enough to even think about perfectionism so that isn’t a worry. As a result it draws in a completely different style than my dominant.

Like Admiral said it’s all for fun.

After reading this I’m surprised I’m not drawing right now!

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I’ve pencilled something rough that might be the bones of something okay haha. Still not sure though. Definitely more confident in minis than 2d surfaces but always willing to learn!


Deadline extension, after good advice from Andy Taylor. Too close to Christmas.

Now set to January 8th, 2021 EST.

Sure open for adjustment extension if requested. It’s all rather experimental, and we don’t have a clear idea of how many days after New Year would be reasonable. Input welcome, whether in advance or closer to the due date. :slight_smile:

The Staff


Have mine submitted already because I know it’ll get busy in the coming month. Completely understand pushing this out. Looking forward to stomping in the new year with all of the giant submissions from everyone!


I’ll get cracking on it next week. :wink:


Bump. :14:

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A Ball pt pen is one of the best sketching tools there is. I have sketched in ball point for 25+ years. It is a great medium, in that both dark and light strokes and detail are very visible on the final outcome. Was a commonly used medium that everybody sketched with back when I was studying.


I’ve entered my piece :smiley:


Due date changed to 15th of January. Will be too busy in the coming days to handle this. Hope the extra days yield some more entries. Belated happy new year! :26:


I really need to stop procrastinating on this, lol.


Oh boy, this extension means I’ll be able to enter!!! :14:


You should, it is very clear from your secret santa gift that you can draw!
I however never got past primative hand printing and scratches on cave walls. Even the wife thinks im a barbarian :17: