The Brazen Bulletin interviews: Lost Kingdom Miniatures. Questions wanted!

A suggestion: Questions about inspiration, historical references and creativity may prove immensely more fruitful than IP questions. With the last Maghmôrin Kickstarter, Adrian Perez Montejano & crew has put out the ultimate version of heavy metal fantasy Assyrian dwarves. Breathtaking stuff, and so true to both over-the-top fantasy and historical inspiration. There are lots of Persian and some Arabic elements as well in there. I’d love to hear LKM gush on design ideas and inspiration. Their work really is one of a kind, and you can even print an evil dwarf bazaar! :smile:

Or in other words: LKM may be said to perfect the Assyrian weird dwarf fantasy concept originally launched by GW, but increasingly picked up by other settings and games (you can even find Hellcannon style Chaos Dwarfs in Endless Legend on PC). CDs are slowly becoming a fantasy archetype.



Yes! Thanks for your input!

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“Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief.”

I want to hear the poetry of Lost Kingdom’s creativity sing in the interview. They have lots of groundbreaking designs and original detail takes. :beer:



Ok now I love these guys. For those not aware, they are making Hobgoblins next. Not sure how extensive the range is going to be, but I am excited.

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It’s rather large already imo…


Oh boy

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@Tyranno these heavy cavalry combined with your T9A army book… a match made in heaven